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Online-Guide Guitar Accessories
Straps & Strap-locks


A guitar strap can be highly personal choice. Straps are available in many materials and designs – common favourites being black leather and
Tweed1) A distinctive type of hard-wearing woven wool fabric traditionally produced in Scotland and Ireland. 2) General term for Fender guitar amps from the 1950s (and reissues) which used herringbone tweed as a covering material.
. A wide, padded leather strap can help distribute the weight of a heavy guitar such as a Les Paul and avoid the feeling that the strap is cutting into your shoulder. Some straps are continuously adjustable in length while others are adjusted by adjusting the placement of a buckle.


Simply Guitar /

BassThe lowest part of the audio frequency range; in popular music, a (generally) rhythmic, low frequency melodic line emphasising the root notes of the chord progression.
Bass strap
Security Locks

Replacement Security Locks

Strap-locking devices are a very cheap and effective way of securing your instrument when it’s in use. Many different methods are currently available, and most of them take mere minutes to install.


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