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    Bas P. uit Pa­pen­drecht: "Geweldige site! erg klantvriendelijk, veelzijdig en voorzien van alle gemakken!"

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    xxxxet­te-va­len­cyns@te­le­net .be: "Wij zijn zeer tevreden over de service en de snelle levering!"

  • am 13.12.2012 "Nét zo perfect geleverd als de eerste. Ondersteuning vanuit Thomann geweldig. Ook wanneer het iets ingewikkelder wordt."

De grote online raadgever van Thomann: Can Lights

The PAR can is usually the basis of an entertainment lighting system!

Welcome to the Thomann Online Advisor for PAR Can Lights.

No gig lighting system is complete without the trusty PAR can, it’s lightweight aluminium spun can and simple design make it an attractive lighting effect for mobile DJs and touring super-groups alike. Even with the introduction of effect lights, moving head systems and
LEDLight Emitting Diode: an electronic component that emits a narrow spectrum of light (single colour) when an electric current flows through it, used for many display/indicator applications including instrument panels, power indicator lights, audio meters and flat panel displays. Like all diodes, LEDs allow current to pass in one direction only.
, the PAR can still holds its own on the stage, and is the foundation of most lighting systems.

Our online advisor extends to several pages - you can jump from section to section using the index below or the navigation at the bottom of each page.