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Conclusion and Feedback


EQ is perhaps the least noticed of all types of
AudioGenerally used to mean "sound"; technically it describes periodic fluctuations of air pressure or electrical energy at frequencies and amplitudes within the human range of hearing; sound, or electrical energy that represents sound; acoustic, mechanical, or electrical frequencies corresponding to normally audible sound waves.
processing, but also the most important. It can transform a mediocre sound into an interesting one, correct frequency-specific problems, and go a long way towards helping disparate sound sources ‘gel’ in a mix. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a hardware equaliser or software plug-in, or just want to find out more about the EQ on your
ConsoleA device through which audio signals are routed for mixing, monitoring, processing and re-routed for either recording, amplification or both. A console contains a number of channel strips and a selection of auxiliary, monitoring and main outputs.
, we hope that you have found this guide useful, and remember EQ is not just for boosting frequencies – it is often at its most effective when cutting – happy tweaking!

We would love to hear how useful this guide has been to you and how we could improve on it. Should you have questions concerning a product, please drop a message to our expert consultant at our Studio Department. or PA Department.

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