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Le Fantastiche Guide Online di Thomann: Guitar Accessories

10. Feedback suppressors

If you ever play an acoustic guitar through any kind of amplification, you may find these inexpensive rubber circles incredibly useful. By placing the rubber ring inside the sound hole of your guitar, the suppressor will insulate the
PickupA device for converting sound into an electronic signal, usually by direct contact with the instrument body or by magnetic interaction with the strings, as opposed to a microphone which picks up sound vibrations in the air.
inside your guitar from the amplified sound coming from your
AmpereUnit of current; the amount of electricity flowing through a conductor. One Ampere is equal to the flow of 6.25x10^18 electrons through a conductor in one second.
or PA system, allowing you to get a lot more
Volume1) In audio and music, the loudness or amplitude of a signal. 2) In computing, a fixed amount of storage space, addressed as a single entity ('C:', 'D:' etc). A physical drive may contain more than one volume, but a single volume may also span more than one drive!
before the
FeedbackThe phenomenon whereby audio picked up by a microphone or guitar pickup that is then played from a speaker close or loud enough for it to be captured again by the same source. If left the signal will continuously loop, with any resonant frequency causing the undesirable 'howling' sound often heard at concerts.
point is reached.

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