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Online Guide 7 String Guitars
Workshop - John Petrucci


Before we explore the progressive stylings of the mighty Mr Petrucci, a quick check on the basic notes available. And remember, we’re talking here about the low B string, just in case there is any confusion with the high B.

Here then, is the
Chromatic1) Involving the addition of musical colour by the addition of accidentals. 2) Proceeding by semitones.
scale of the low B:

low B

Now let’s get down to business. Here’s an exercise based on the Dream Theatre work of John Petrucci:

Chords no.1

Everything is based around that low B, with the rest of the riff mainly employing power chords. Note that the guitar is tuned conventionally, with just the added string - B E A D G B E.

Click here to hear how it sounds: JUST A DREAM (MP3)


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