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PRS SE Custom 24 7-String TEBB 60
PRS SE Custom 24 7-String BC 60th


Welcome to our 7-String Guitar Online Advisor.

Now that Nu-Metal is not so ‘nu’ any longer, the 7-string guitar has become established as an instrument in its own right - which means that you have more choice and that prices are more affordable.

In this Online Advisor, created in conjunction with, we explore the key features of the instruments that have redefined power chords. We’ve also included some workshops to help you get closer to the concept of 7-string playing, covering rock, jazz and acoustic styles. But now it’s time to shred your Head and unleash the Munky within...




Seven Heaven

Enter the Big Names

Workshop - John Petrucci

Workshop - Korn

Workshop - Acoustics

Workshop - Steve Vai

Workshop - Jazz

Conclusion and Feedback


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