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Componenti per system 500

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Fredenstein Bento 6 Fredenstein Bento 6, 6-slot rack for 500series moduls, internal Powersupply +/- 16Volt/+48Volt, simple wiring for audiomodulechains, every Module audioout is switchable to the next audioinput with switches on the back, optional 19" Rack-Kit (341739) - not included!
informazioni  € 344 Disponibilità immediata
Fredenstein Bento 10 Fredenstein Bento 10, 10-slot, 19" rack for 500series moduls, internal 90-240VAC powersupply +/- 16Volt/+48Volt, simple wiring for audiomodulechains, every Module audioout is switchable to the next audioinput with switches on the back, incl. 19" rackmounts
informazioni  € 555 Disponibilità immediata
AMS Neve 1073LB Preampmodule 500er API AMS Neve 1073LB, classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design), Neve designed hand-wound transformers, both Mic and Line inputs are transformer balanced and earth free, Gain knob with Signal Presence LED, +5/-10dB level Trim control with integrated phantom power on/off switch,...
informazioni  € 999 Spedizione in arrivo il 07.08.2014
API Audio 512c Mic Pre API 512c, Mic Preamp with 65 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access, Line/Instrument Preamp with 50 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel Line/Instrument Input, LED VU meter for monitoring output level, 20 dB pad switch, applies to mic/line/instrument, 48v Phantom switchable power,...
informazioni  € 939 Disponibilità immediata
Elysia Xpressor 500 Elysia Xpressor 500 Stereo Compressor - API 500 series format, discrete class A topology, auto fast attack, switchable release characteristic, warm mode, parallel compression, sidechain filter, gain reduction limiter, stepped potentiometers, analog dynamic LED meter. Frequency response:...
informazioni  € 769 Disponibilità immediata
Golden Age Project Pre-573 Golden Age Project Pre-573, 500 Series Rack Version of the PRE-73 Mk2, gain range from -15 to +80 dB, mic input impedance can be switched between 1200 and 300 Ohms, 48V Phantom power, phase reverse, select additional 5 or 10 dB gain, switchable AIR Mode, DI Input, Housing: 500 series rack...
informazioni  € 218 Disponibilità immediata
Lindell Audio 506 Power Lindell Audio 506 Power, empty frame for 500 style modules, 6 Slots, 400mA of power per slot, Gold plated XLR inputs and outputs, Built in no noise Universal Power Supply: 90-250V, Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Power rail led indication, Aluminum cabinet, Lightweight, Steel M3...
informazioni  € 355 Disponibilità immediata
Fredenstein Bento 2 Fredenstein Bento 2, 2-Slot Rack for 500 Modules, Audiorouting and Link-Function switchable, balanced XLR- and TRS I/Os per Slot, build-in Power Supply (90Vac - 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz) +/- 16Volt (+/- 900mA) and+48V (35mA), On-/Off-Switch Front- and Rear, Dimension: 19" 1U
informazioni  € 244 Disponibilità immediata
Radial Engineering Workhorse SixPack Radial Engineering Workhorse SixPack, portable 6-Slot Frame for System 500 Modules, per Input channel (XLR and Jack), Output (XLR and Jack), Omniport, Feed and Link, switchable 48 V Phantom power, external powersupply, metall handle
informazioni  € 499 Disponibilità immediata
JoeMeek meQ JoeMeek meQ Meequalizer, 1-Channel Equalizer 500 Series Module, Frequency- and +/- 15 dB Switch for HF, HM, LM and LF, Bell-Button for HF and LF, Hi-Q Button for HM and LM, Peak-LED, Frequency Range: 1.2 kHz - 20 kHz HF, 0.6 kHz - 10 kHz HM, 120 Hz - 2 kHz LM, 40 Hz - 650 Hz LF.
informazioni  € 285 Disponibilità immediata
API Audio 500-8B Lunchbox API Audio 500-8B Lunchbox - suitable for 8x API standard modules, 48V internal phantom power supply, self-powered, 100 to 250V, 47 to 63Hz, switchable, rubber feet & carrying handle for portability, rugged steel chassis, perfect for remote recording of vocalists and instruments.
informazioni  € 598 Disponibile a breve (2-5 days)
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543 Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543, Compressor (500 Series), Gain Range: Continuously variable from 6 dB to +20 dB. Threshold Range: Continuously variable from 36 dB to +22 dB. Ratio Range: ontinuously variable from 1.1:1 to Limit (40:1). Attack Range: Continuously variable from 20mS to 75mS...
informazioni  € 999 Disponibilità immediata
Lindell Audio 6X-500 Lindell Audio 6X-500, 500s Module Pre-Amp and EQ, all discrete design based on Lindell hybrid amplifier, "creamy highs and punchy low end", Transformer coupled Balanced inputs and Balanced Outputs, Up to 65db of Gain, Passive Pultec Equalizer. Inductor + hybrid gain make-up amplifier, 3 Step...
informazioni  € 299 Disponibilità immediata
Elysia xfilter 500 Elysia xfilter 500, Stereo Equalizer, API 500 series format, 100% class-A topology, true stereo operation, high and low shelf filters, resonance high & low cut filters, two parametric mids with switchable Q, additional passive high-band, all stepped potentiometers (computer-selected), special...
informazioni  € 759 Disponibilità immediata
Lindell Audio 7X-500 Lindell Audio 7X-500, 500s Module FET Style Compressor and Limiter, Variable Mix Control For Precise Parallel Compression, High Pass Sidechain Filter, 3 Step Switched Attack Times, 3 Step Switched Release Times, 3 Step Switched High Pass Sidechain Filter. Off, 100Hz, 300Hz, 3 Step Swithched...
informazioni  € 299 Disponibilità immediata
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511, 1-Channel Mic-Preamp 500 Series Module, +48V Phantom Power switchable, 8-Segment LED Level-Meter, High Pass Filter 20 - 250 Hz adjustable, Trim- and Gain-Control, polarity invert button, Silk Mode, Housingr: 500 Series Module, Power Requirements @ +/-16VDC 100mA
informazioni  € 658 Disponibilità immediata
Golden Age Project EQ-573 B-Stock B-Stock, Golden Age Project EQ-573, Class-A 3-Band EQ with dual inductor based mid frequency band as 500 Series Rack Version, based on the EQ Section in the classical 1073 module, discrete signal path - No integrated circuits, 33 Hz to 20 kHz, Control range up to +/- 18 dB, Master Bypass ...
informazioni  € 168 Disponibilità immediata
Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA Mikrophone Preamp. System 500 Version of the legendary GAMA. Variable Nuances of the Sound-Character by switching different "Transformer Modes" (Nickel, Steel, discrete). Integragted DI Input for Instruments.
informazioni  € 911 Disponibilità immediata
KuSh Audio Electra 500 KuSh Audio Electra 500, 4 bands per channel + Hi Pass Filter, Hi Shelf: Sweepable 3.8kHz - 20kHz, Hi Mid: Proportional Q, Sweepable 250Hz - 5.4kHz, Lo Mid: Proportional Q, Sweepable 30Hz - 730Hz, Lo Shelf: Fixed 90Hz, Hi Pass: 12dB/Octave Butterworth, Class A amplifiers, DC Coupled signal...
informazioni  € 555 Disponibilità immediata
SSL 611 EQ Solid State Logic 611 EQ, 500 Series - 1 channel EQ, SSL 4000 E Series circuitry, "Black-242" and "Brown-02" twin EQ design, Versatile 4 band channel EQ, Bell curve option on HF and LF, Fully parametric LMF and HMF with Q, Based on classic 611E console channel strip, Format: API Series 500,...
informazioni  € 698 Disponibile a breve (2-5 days)
Warm Audio WA12 500 Series Mic Pre Warm Audio WA12 500 Series Mic Preamp with CineMag Transformers, one Channel Mic-Pre, 71dB Gain, Tone Button to switches the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms for Mic- and Hi-Z Input, switchable Phantom Power 48V, -20dB Pad, Hi-Z Instrument Input 1/4" TRS on Front Panel, 500 Series...
informazioni  € 399 Disponibilità immediata
SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 3 SM Pro Audio JuiceRack 3, 19" 1U Housing for up to three 500-series modules single-slot, horizontal configuration, included External Power Supply 1A, 48V phantom power switch on the back panel, internal patching system, 3 Slots on the back panel with balanced XLR I/Os and unbalanced 1/4" I/Os,...
informazioni  € 317 Disponibilità immediata
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517 Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517, Mic Pre-Amp and Compressor (500 Series), transformer-coupled preamp, compressor and DI circuitry, with Vari-phase, Silk and DI/mic blending capabilities - The silk button reduces negative feedback and adjusts the frequency spectrum to provide a very sweet and...
informazioni  € 839 Disponibilità immediata
Heritage Audio 73 Jr. Heritage Audio 73Jr Preamp, •80dB Class A Microphone preamplifier, HI-LO selectable minimum input impedance, balanced and floating. High gain positions show a higher impedance, ideal for old ribbon mics., •50Db Class A Line preamplifier, bridging input impedance, balanced and floating., •All...
informazioni  € 829 Disponibile a breve (2-5 days)
TRUE Systems pT2-500 TRUE Systems pT2-500, 1 channel mic pre amp, New type 2 circuit design - very low noise / high headroom, Excellent high-impedance DI-THRU input/output (discrete FET-type), Gain, switchable: LO/HI range, Phase reverse, switchable: 0/180, High-pass filter, switchable: 80 Hz, 4-digit level ...
informazioni  € 525 Disponibilità immediata
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