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Beautiful website design and Excellent service thank you very much. Will be recommending you to all my friends.

unknown on 16.03.2012

Zoom B3

Zoom B3
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Zoom B3 Bass FX Pedal - multi-FX for bass, 111 effect types, 3 effects simultanious, 10 patches at 10 banks, 24 bit A/D and D/A conversion, 128times over-sampling, 44,1 kHz sampling frequency, 20Hz - 20 kHz frequency range, LCD Display, stereo output, headphone out, balanced XLR output, pre/post (switch selectable), ground lift (switch selectable), control input for optional FP02/FS01, USB audio interface (16bit/44,1 kHz), supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7, Mac OS X v10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 (USB powered), incl power supply (or power by optional 4 x AA/LR6 batteries for app. 6 hours use), incl. Steinberg Sequel LE software, dimensions whd: 234 x 54 x 170 mm, weight: 1,2 kg

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This product Zoom B3 is currently sold out (expected deilvery date: 28.04.2014 ). Customers that were interested in this item, have bought these alternative products:
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4.7 out of 5 stars

A lot of fun!

Total rating

I bought the Zoom B3 as a backup for my main pedal board. Meanwhile I use it more often than I thought I would!

Mainly I use it for in order to practise with the drum computer and the looper.
These two features are definively usable! Since I have the B3 I didn't touch my Digitech loopstation... Not a single time...

The handling is very easy and logical.

The sounds of the B3 (the ampsimulations and the effects) are acceptable but I'd say they are at 80%. The parameters of the single effects and ampsimulations are well-chosen and work well in practice.

But what makes the B3 so special is the versatility for so little money! You have a multieffect, a preamp, a tuner, a loop station, a drum computer, a DI box and a recording tool in this little box!

nice multieffect with some weaknesses

Total rating

I bought the zoom b3 primarily to practice with headphones when i travel and in my home studio. In my studio i play with the bass inte the zoom b3 and via the DI out in my mixer and then in my yamaha hs 80m.

The b3 is very easy to handle when you want to change the effects and the parameters. If you want to change other parameters such as overall volume etc. you maybe have to take a look in the handbook because it can become very complex and there are a lot of different parameters you can play with.

The b3 sounds good. I really like the ampmodells. I own a markbass and a hartke amp and the sound of the modells of these amps sound quiet like the originals. The b3 reacts very well to changes of the parameters and your play with the bass.

I also like the compressors, especially the dbx 160 and the preamps and fuzz effects. What i dont like so much are the other effect as they sound more artificial and static. You can not compare the octaver and envelope filter effects to the real pedals, altough the tracking is most of the time ok.

what is great is the drummachine and the tuner. When i go to holidays i only take my bass and the b3, thats all i need to practice. If i want to play to jamtracks i connect my laptop via usb and can play along. So the b3 is a great tool espicially for the price.

Zoom does it again!

Total rating

I was fan of my Zoom B2, except I was not so sure about how it is built: pretty "plastish". The new Zoom B3 is as great as you would find Victor Wooten performs on it, no kidding.

CAUTION: If you are from religious campus of stomp-boxes and you hate single-box synthesizers, you still can read this too.

So. After unpacking, I find it nicely built, weight much heavier and feels way more solid than the previous Zoom B2. The power adapter is just a typical cheap adapter with a typical cheap cable on it -- be careful not to break it by simply putting the leg of a chair on it!

Now, the good, the bad, the ugly.

The good (sometimes the fantastic):

- Solid built, hands down. Really great, sturdy design of the whole box.
- It feels and operates as three chained pedals, you can change the signal path.
- You can choose three independent effects from that hundred and more, and independently make one patch for yourself (this is fantastic part, by the way).
- Sound is just as great. You may argue that your single stompbox is better than one of those filters (for example EBS compressor even has the same icon like real one), but I would ask you to show me the comparison numbers from your oscilloscope!
- Does not hums on distortions, like previous Zoom B2. (Yaaay!!)

The bad:
- Looper is... well, it is just there as it is and it works. But do not expect something like Boss RC-30. We all know that Victor Wooten is just crazy at technique, so that's why it works for him. :-) But for you (and me) it will cost much more time to practice.
- Some patches are just ridiculous and totally useless. Well, at least you have the room to improve it...

The ugly:
- The looper really needs love. It works, folks, do not worry. Yes, it is possible to perform solo. But it is simple one.
- The buttons to operate the looper are quite difficult to operate nicely. You will need a sack of patience, fresh air and keep calm until it will work for you great. :-)

Oh, one more thing, guys: if you want to completely mute your bass while tuning it -- you need to hold the tuner button around five seconds. Yes, it is also ugly and not much obvious at the beginning. :-)

Works really well

Total rating

I bought this to use with my bass. It works really well. Is easy to configure and save patches.

Would recommend to anyone.

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