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Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Rack Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Drum Rack - 4-post curved rack, 4x 30" straight vertical mini T-legs each equipped with cymbal mounts, 46" front curved horizontal bar with 4 multi-clamps and memory locks, two stackable right angle clamps mount two rack bars at same horizontal angle, two 36"...
info  €359 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-CBPM Pedal Cowbell Holder Gibraltar SC-CBPM Pedal Cowbell Holder - suitable for mounting most brands of cowbells or tambourines.
info  €34 Available immediately
Gibraltar GI-9606 Snare Stand Gibraltar GI-9606 Snare Stand - no gears, easy ultra adjustment to get the exact snare basket position. Sturdy tripod base with Gibraltar's stabilizer 'super foot' and hinged height adjustment with memory lock. Adjusts 18" to 24", collapses to 16".
info  €77 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm, boom arm with clamp
info  €26 Available immediately
Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne Gibraltar 9608 drum stool - top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, adjustable height (51cm - 70cm).
info  €85 Available immediately
Gibraltar Intruder "Direct" Double Pedal Gibraltar "Direkt Drive" double pedal from the "Intruder" series, professional pedal from gibraltar, with Direkt Drive, new design, high end features, strap drive is like playing on air, a simple, fast feel, pedal board height adjustment independent of spring tension or beater angle, fast...
info  €277 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-GCRMC Multi Rack Clamp CH Gibraltar SC-GCRMC Road Series Chrome, rack multi-clamp for mounting of Tom Tom arms, cymbal arms etc.
info  €33 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC4425MB Cymbal Boom Arm Gibraltar SC4425MB Cymbal Boom Arm with Ratchet System, Cymbalarm with 7/8" Diameter, 25cm Length, with Boom ca. 30cm Length,
info  €28 Available immediately
Gibraltar 8713UA Snare/Tom Stand Flat Gibraltar 8713UA Snare/Tom Stand, Flat Base Series, Flat Leg base with memory lock, hinged height adjustment, and brake style gearless snare basket adjustment,
info  €71 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-MAT Percussion Table Gibraltar SC_MPT Percussion-Table medium, Attaches to a cymbal stand or rack bar, 12" x 18" with 1" high borders and padded surfaces.
info  €64 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-19A Long Sleeve 8mm Gibraltar SC-19A Long Sleeve 8mm, Flanged base (8mm) for extended length cymbal tilters. (4 pk)
info  €2.99 Available immediately
Gibraltar GAB12 Percussion Holder 3-way Gibraltar GAB12 Triple Percussion Holder - suitable for holding 6 percussion instruments. Includes cast multi-clamp. Length: 30cm
info  €30 Available immediately
Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne with Backrest - 9600 series, oversized motorcycle-style cordura/vinyl seat with contoured backrest, spindle for height adjustment (20"-28").
info  €166 Available immediately
Gibraltar 9608HM Drum Throne Hydraulic Gibraltar 9608HM Hydraulic Moto-Style Drum Throne - plush oversized 17" Cordura moto seat with easy hydraulic adjustment provides comfort and player support, adjusts from 19.5" to 26" height, double-braced tripod with Gibraltar's exclusive oversized Super Foot.
info  €139 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-CFS/4 Cymbal Felts Short Gibraltar SC-CFS/4 Cymbal Felts, short 4 Pack
info  €2.55 Available immediately
Gibraltar 8700PK Hardware Set Flat Base Gibraltar Hardware Set, 8700PK Series, Flat Base, 1x 8706 snare drum stand, 1x 8707 Hi-Hat stand, 1x 8709 cymbal boom stand, 1x 8710 cymbal stand, tripod assembly with cast height adjustment assemblies, Cymbal stands have standard 8mm cymbal titlers. Hi-Hat stand features easy stop tension...
info  €266 shipment due to arrive on 01.09.2014
Gibraltar SC-GCML Memory Lock Chrome Gibraltar SC-GCML Chrome, Memory Clamp, Power Rack Series, for Lock your position in place on the Rack Clamps, (2pcs.)
info  €8.30 Available immediately
Gibraltar 7616 Bongo Stand Gibraltar 7616 Bongo Stand, Double Braced, max. height 118cm, min. height 77cm
info  €61 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting Gibraltar SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting Arms & Clamps, holding system to fix drum modules or other electronic devices such as tablets onto your drum rack, standard 38mm clamps, lockable rubber stoppers to hold items securely in place, sold in pairs
info  €61 Available immediately
Gibraltar 9608M Drummer Seat Gibraltar 9608M Drummer Seat - 9600 Series, motorcycle style Cordura/vinyl seat, spindle for height adjustment.
info  €133 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat Drop Clutch, Disengage and drop top cymbal by hitting clutch with drumstick, Step on the pedal and clutch attaches itself at original position.
info  €14.40 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-19B Short Sleeve 8mm Gibraltar SC-19B Short Sleeve 8mm, Flanged base (8mm) for shorter shaft length cymbal titlers. (4 pk)
info  €3.60 Available immediately
Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M Tom Tom Arm Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M Tom Tom Arm with Omni Ball System, L-Rod 10,5 mm, Diameter Pipe 22mm
info  €32 Available immediately
Gibraltar 8710 Cymbal Stand Flat Gibraltar GI-8710 Cymbal Stand - straight version, flat base.
info  €58 Available immediately
Gibraltar 9908 Drum Throne Gibraltar 9908 drum stool, top grade foam padding for maximum comfort, adjustable height, 4-leg Version,
info  €144 Available immediately
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