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Power Distributors

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Stairville PD-332 Power Distributor 32A Stairville PD-332 Power Distributor 32A CEE, Tri-Phase Power Distributor. Professional made with digital, Volt- & Amp-Meter. Power Input: 1x 32A CEE, Power Output: 6x 16A EU socket, 1x 32A CEE socket, Protection circuit breaker on each phase, Additional circuit breaker for residual current Fi...
info  €298 shipment due to arrive on 26.08.2014
Stairville CEE Split Box V2616BE CE Stairville V2616 "Black Edition" CE mains split-box, 6 black safety sockets. Input Connection via 16A CEE 5-pin socket. Power supply: 380-400V AC, 50Hz, max. power output: total all phases 48A, max. output/ per channel: 16A, max.,Dimensions: 285 x 190 x 75mm (LxWxH). Weight: 2kg.
info  €69 Available shortly (2-5 days)
Stairville PD-363 Power Distributor 63A Stairville PD-363 Power Distributor CEE 63A. The PD-363 is a professional power distribution with digialte, Volt and amp meter per phase. Technical Data: Power Input: 63A CEE (with 50 cm cable to the back), Output: 4 x 32A CEE socket on the back. Circuit breaker on each phase, earth leakage ...
info  €399 shipment due to arrive on 26.08.2014
RiedConn Power Supply 32A STG32/02-6/2K RiedConn, 32A rubber power distribution STG32/02-6/2K/FI. black with handle bar, protection: IP40 / use indoors only, Connection: connector CEE32A 400V 5p. with 2m rubber cable H07RN-F 5G4, Output: 2x 400V 5p CEE16A Panel socket, 6x safety socket 16A 230V with Cover, Fuse:. 1x RCD 40/0.03 4p....
info  €459 medium-term availability (about 1–2 weeks)
Jäger Power Connector 16A Jäger 3-Way Power Connector 16 A CE, 16A CEE Input 5 PIN, Outputs from 3x Eurosockets 230 V each ( L1-L2-L3.)
info  €39 Available immediately
Stairville Connector Strip 6-Channel Stairville Professional Connector - 6-channel connector strip with 2,5m 1,5 mm² cable (housing SW).
info  €35 Available immediately
Showtec Powersplit 3 CEE 16A Showtec Powersplit 3 CEE 16A, Input power connector: CEE 16 A male, 5 pole connector, Max. power load: 3 x 16A,, Output power connector: 2 pcs. 16A CEE socket, 4 pcs safety plug socket (on 1 Phase), IP rate: IP-44, Cable length: 1,5 mtr.,, weigth: 3,4 kg
info  €59 Available immediately
K&M 28664 K&M 28664 Power-distribution 19", 1 U, 3 x 2 german type power-outlets 220V (colour-coded) on frontside, input 5-pin CEE-plugr 16A/380V witht 2m cable
info  €105 Available immediately
K&M 28676 K&M 28676 - Power adapter with 6 front and 6 on rear of Unit sockets, includes front mounted switch. Dimensions: 19”/1U.
info  €139 Available immediately
K&M 28670 K&M 28670 Power-distribution 19", 1U, 8 german type power-outlets 220V on frontside, with 2m connection-cable
info  €63 Available immediately
K&M 28675 K&M 28675 rackmountable power distribution plugboard with 7x front mounted 2 PIN sockets and mains power switch. Dimensions: 19"/1U.
info  €63 Available immediately
Stairville V2616CE Blue Stairville V2616CE - CE power distribution box, 16A CEE blue in & link output sockets, 6x Euro sockets with covers. Maximum Load: 16A (3680 W). Power requirement: AC 230V~50/60Hz. Phase check LED, 2x M12 recessed nuts for mounting on walls or hooks, 2x M10 holes for hanging. Dimensions: 285 x...
info  €59 Available shortly (2-5 days)
HK Audio PS32 HK Audio PS32 - CEE power distribution system, 19"/2U, 32A in/32A out (3-phase), 6x safety sockets (L1-L3).
info  €355 Available immediately
Equip 333296 19" PowerBox SP Equip 333296 19'' power distribution unit with surge protection, on/off switch, 8 output sockets "Schuko", power cord lenght 1,8m, 19" rackmount, 19" ears reversible, 16A/3500W, 10KA/250 joule, 1U, aluminium, color: silver/black
info  €40 Available immediately
Rigport Baseline L-1 Power distributor Rigport Baseline L-1 Power distributor, Baseline L-1 Power distributor. 1 x Powercon-In, 2 x Powercon-Out, 1 x Powercon-Thru-Out, Technical specifications: 2.5 mm², 16 A, 170 g, Designed for use in flexible rig/theater/fair, Extremely small - less than 50 mm so that it does not exceed the...
info  €49 Available immediately
RiedConn STV32 PA/S RiedConn STV32 PA/S Power Distributor - 32A input, 32A output, 6x shockproof plugs, 3x power protect switches, 1x shockproof plug (230V/16A) on front.
info  €279 Available immediately
Work Power Distr. 16A WPD163 STUV Work power distributor 16A WPD 163 STUV - digital voltage and current monitoring, 16A CEE input, automatic "C" fuses per phase. 6x 16A outputs (shockproof connectors, 2 per phase).
info  €274 Available immediately
K&M 28665 K&M 28665 power adapter - 19"rack/1U, 7 rear power sockets, front power switch.
info  €79 Available immediately
RiedConn STV32-PAM 160 32A - 6x 16A RiedConn STV32-PAM 160, Professional Power-Supply Made in Germany! 19" Housing, 2 height units,, Input: CEE32 400V, 5p. 6h on the front, Output: 1x Safety Plug 16A on the front, 6x Safety Plug 16A (rear),, Fuses: 6x LS C16A 1p., 1x Multi-Function digital meter (PhaseVoltage, interlinked ...
info  €399 Available immediately
RiedConn Power Supply 16A STG16/0-6/2K RiedConn, 16A rubber power distribution STG16/0-6/2K/FI. black with handle bar, protection: IP40 / use indoors only, Connection: connector CEE16A 400V 5p. with 2m rubber cable H07RN-F 5G2, 5, Output: 6x earthing contact 16A 230V outlet with hinged cover, Fuse: 1x RCD 40/0.03 4p., 3x phase...
info  €229 Available immediately
Roxi Powercon Stage Powersupply + Roxi Powercon Stage Powersupply Plus, Powercon Stage Powersupply with IP44 housing. Product Description: rugged and compact design for easy handling, 4x safety sockets with self-closing covers, PowerCon 1x IN / 3xOUT socket, for use indoors, Dimensions: 250 x 120 x 55 mm (L x W x H)
info  €189 Available immediately
Showtec PSA-3212M Power Distributor Showtec PSA-3212M Power distribution 3 x 32 amp Multi connector output
info  €529 Available immediately
K&M 28668 19"-Power Box K&M 28668 power adapter 19", 1 He, with 6 powersockets on the rear side and switch on the front, without cable
info  €99 Available immediately
Stairville Earthed Socket 4 Professional quad connector safety sockets strip, not including cable, for manufacturing of lighting systems
info  €29 Available immediately
Thomann Power Adapter 12-Out Thomann power adapter, 12 Outputs, without switch, Cable: 1,75m
info  €62 Available immediately
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