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Dynamic Microphones

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Golden Ton V-45 Golden Ton V-45, Dynamic Microphone, with switch,cardioid polar pattern, Frequenzy range 70-13.000 Hz, Inc. Cable (XLR-XLR) and Microphone clip
info  €9.90 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 45 II the t.bone MB 45 dynamic microphone - cardoid pattern, on/off switch, ideal for drums, vocals and guitar amps. Includes 3mtr XLR to jack cable,inc Clip
info  €12.90 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 55 the t.bone MB 55 - neodymium microphone with switch and mic clamp. Ideal for drums, vocals and guitars. Includes 5mtr mic cable.
info  €17.90 Available immediately
Superlux PRA D1 Superlux PRA D1 Dynamic Vocal Microphone - supercardioid, 50Hz-16kHz, 200ohm, 140dB SPL max, includes clip. Colour: Grey
info  €19.90 Available immediately
Behringer XM8500 Behringer XM8500 Ultravoice - dynamic microphone, cardioid, frequency response: 50Hz-15Khz, includes clamp and box.
info  €21.50 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 95 the t.bone MB 95 - dynamic high-output vocal microphone with lockable switch, hyper-cardioid polar pattern, 300ohm impedance, frequency response: 60Hz-15kHz. Includes cable and clamp. Colour: Black.
info  €22 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 60 Set the t.bone MB 60 S dynamic microphone set - box of 3 dynamic mics with switch. Includes clips.
info  €24.90 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 85 the t.bone MB 85 universal dynamic microphone, cardioid, 50Hz-16kHhz, Impedance: 250 ohms, weight: 240 g, with switch and clip - ideal for vocals, drums and guitars.
info  €24.90 Available immediately
Samson Q4 Samson Q4, High Output, Low Impedance Design, Neodymium Dynamic Mic Element, Cardioid Pickup Pattern, Multi-axis Shock Mounted Element, XLR Mic Cable, Carry Pouch and Clip Included
info  €24.90 Available immediately
Superlux MSKA Singer Pack Superlux MSKA Singer Pack - ECO-A dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid polar pattern (frequency response: 70Hz-17kHz), black MS108 boom stand (150cm maximum height, 80cm boom length), incl. stand bag, mic clip and 6m XLR-XLR cable.
info  €29 Available immediately
Samson Q6 Samson Q6, High gain, low impedance design, Dynamic Neodymium mic element, Super Cardioid pickup pattern, Multi-axis shock mounted element, On/Off Switch, Mic Clip included
info  €29 Available immediately
Samson R 21 S Samson R 21 S, dynamic Vocal-Mic, Dual Stage internal windscreen, cardioid, 80 - 12.000 Hz, 500 Ohms, -53 dBV/pa (1.5 mv/pa), on/off switch, Gold-plated XLR connectors, Mic Clip and carry case
info  €29 Available immediately
Behringer XM1800S Set Behringer XM1800S dynamic microphones - 3-piece set, on/off switch, box and clips included.
info  €31 Available immediately
Samson Q7 Samson Q7, Outstanding vocal mic for stage and studio, High gain output, low impedance design, Ultra-sensitive neodymium dynamic mic element, Supercardioid pickup pattern, Extended range frequency response for optimum reproduction, Multi-axis, shock-mounted element, Carry case and mic clip...
info  €33 Available immediately
the t.bone MB 88U Dual the t.bone MB 88U Dual, dynamic vocal microphone with USB-Connection and XLR out, cardioid, 50 - 16.000 Hz, 120 dB SPL max, 600 Ohms, dimensions: 182 x 51 mm, AD Converter with 16 Bit/48 KHz, no USB-driver necessary,compatible with PC and MAC, incl. USB cable, without clamp
info  €35 Available immediately
Shure PG48-XLR Shure PG48-XLR - dynamic microphone for spoken word and karaoke, cardioid, 70Hz-15kHz, includes 4.5m cable and bag.
info  €38 Available immediately
the t.bone MB85 Beta the t.bone MB 85 Beta universal dynamic microphone, supercardoid, frequencyrange 50 - 16.000 Hz, without switch. Includes plastic box and clamp.Ideal for vocals, drums & guitars.
info  €39 Available immediately
the t.bone MB75 Beta the t.bone MB75 Beta, dynamic Instrument microphone for Live and Studioapplication, supercardioid, 50 - 16.000 Hz, 300 Ohms, 52 x 165 mm, 270 Gramm, incl. clamp and plastic case
info  €39 Available immediately
AKG Perception Live P3s AKG Perception Live P3s, Dynamic vocal microphone with on/off switch, Cardioid pattern, 40 - 18.000 Hz, 144 dB SPL max., Solid metal housing and metal grill, incl. bag and clamp, colour Black
info  €39 Available immediately
Beyerdynamic TG V30ds Beyerdynamic TG V30ds, dynamic vocal and speach microphone, supercardioid, 30 - 15.000 Hz, 600 Ohms, dimensions: length 182mm, diameter 24/38mm, head dieameter 49mm, weight 315g, incl. 5m XLR/XLR cable, clamp and bag, replacement of the Opus 29
info  €39 Available immediately
Samson Q6 Bundle Samson Q6 Bundle containing Samson Q6, Millenium MS-2005, the sssnake SM6BK
info  €39 Available immediately
the t.bone GM 55 the t.bone GM 55 dynamic microphone - "Elvis model", cardioid, on/off switch. Includes 5/8" stand adapter; impedance 300 ohm, frequency range 50Hz - 15kHz
info  €44 Available immediately
AKG Perception Live P5 AKG Perception Live P5 - dynamic vocal microphone for lead vocals, supercardioid, 40Hz-20kHz, 144dB SPL max, hard metal housing and metal grille, includes bag and clip. Colour: Black
info  €44 Available immediately
Samson CS Mic CS1/CS2 Samson CS Mic CS1/CS2, microphone set comprising microphone handle and two dynamic capsule for vocal/speach application or instrument applications, CS1 capsule: supercardioid, 60 - 18.000 Hz, 150 dB SPL max, 250 Ohms, -55 dBV/Pa, CS2 capsule: supercardioid, 50 - 18.000 Hz, 150 dB SPL max, 250...
info  €44 Available immediately
Superlux D108A Superlux D108A Dynamic Vocal Microphone - lockable on/off switch, supercardioid, 50Hz-16kHz, 250 Ohms, includes bag and clip.
info  €45 Available immediately
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