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Mollenhauer 5206 Denner Alto Recorder Mollenhauer 5206 Denner pearwood alto recorder - baroque system, double hole, 3-piece, includes cotton bag, a1 = 442 Hz, incl. accessories. The re-designed Denner Alto. Elegant full sound, usually only heard in low pitched recorders. The re-designed traditional bore creates a well-balanced...
info  249 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5107 Denner Soprano Mollenhauer 5107 Denner Soprano - soprano (descant) recorder, 3-piece natural pear wood body, includes soft case. Winner: German Award for Musical Instruments 1999.
info  149 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 6132 Care Set for Recorder Mollenhauer 6132 Care Set Flute Care Set - 8 parts - anticondens, recorder oil, joint grease stick, cleaning rod wood, cleaning rod plastic, brush, little brush, pipe cleaner, instructions.
info  13,90 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 2206 Canta Alto Recorder Mollenhauer 2206 Canta Alto Recorder - baroque system, double holes, manufactured from pearwood.
info  177 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 4119 Adris Dream Recorder NT Mollenhauer 4119 Adri's Dream Recorder - soprano recorder, natural pear wood, baroque fingering, double hole, broad bore for a broad sound, includes bag.
info  99 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5122 Denner Soprano Mollenhauer Denner Soprano C'', zapatero boxwood, baroque system, 3 pieces, incl. bag.
info  229 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 4317 Adris Dream Recorder Alto Mollenhauer 4317 Adri's Dream Recorder - alto F recorder, natural pearwood, double holes, baroque system, includes bag.
info  249 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 1042 Mollenhauer 1042 "New Student" Soprano (Descant) C Recorder - natural pearwood, baroque fingering, double hole. The delicate soft sound is never obtrusive and remains even throughout all registers. The stable response from low to high notes helps ease some of the beginnerís insecurities. We...
info  58 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 1003 New Student Mollenhauer 1003 New Student Soprano C - German, pearwood natural, single hole. The delicate soft sound is never obtrusive and remains even throughout all registers. The stable response from low to high notes helps ease some of the beginnerís insecurities. We pay careful attention to tuning to...
info  58 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5406 Mollenhauer 5406 Denner Tenor C Recorder - natural pearwood, baroque system without key, 3 pieces, includes bag.
info  389 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Mollenhauer 2446 Canta Tenor Mollenhauer 2446 Canta Tenor Recorder - peartree wood, baroque fingering, double hole, double keys.
info  399 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Mollenhauer Waldorf Edition Soprano DL Mollenhauer Waldorf edition soprano recorder, baroque double hole, peachwood, 2 pieces, 442 Hz, incl. bag
info  66 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5224 Denner Alto Recorder Mollenhauer 5224, Denner Alto F', grenadilla, baroque system, 3 pieces, incl. bag
info  622 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5124 Denner Soprano Mollenhauer 5124 Denner Soprano Recorder, grenadilla wood, baroque fingering, three parts, cotton bag incl.
info  333 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 2166 Mollenhauer 2166 Canta Soprano (Descant) C Recorder - natural pearwood, German fingering, double hole, a solid all-round ensemble recorder with a homogenous sound.
info  66 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 2406 Canta Tenor Mollenhauer 2406 Canta Tenor Recorder - pearwood, baroque fingering, double hole, no key.
info  279 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 1053 Prima Soprano Recorder Mollenhauer 1053 Prima Recorder - soprano (descant), German fingering, warm wood sound, high-quality blue plastic head joint, pear wood body, low-cost beginners' instrument for beginners, includes soft bag.
info  31 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5924E Alto Recorder Mollenhauer 5924E Modern Alto (Treble) Recorder - modern voicing, forceful, assertive and distinctive, completely distinctive sound character, almost three-octave range, well balanced smooth attack and a lucid and brilliant sound up to the top of the range, E-foot, keys, grenadilla wood,...
info  1.290 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5951 Elody Space Mollenhauer 5951 Elody Space, harmonic Alto flute, Airbrush design, gloss varnish, pearwood, footjoint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp, range: a' = 442 Hz, The Elody can be played in two ways: Its purely acoustic sound is impressive and allows the instrument to be used as a...
info  1.666 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Mollenhauer 1073 Soprano Recorder Mollenhauer 1054 Prima Soprano (Descant) Recorder - German fingering, warm 'wood' sound, high quality red plastic head joint (blue), pearwood body, low cost beginners' instrument, includes bag.
info  31 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 2446KC Canta Comfort Tenor Mollenhauer 2446KC Canta Comfort- Knick- Tenor in c, pearwood natural, baroque, G-, F- und C/Cis-Klappe, Our Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of both hands. G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained. F-key: The right index finger...
info  655 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 5222 Denner Alto Recorder Mollenhauer Denner Alto (Treble) Recorder - 3-piece castello boxwood recorder. Baroque system. Includes bag.
info  373 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer TE-4428 Dream-Edition Tenor Mollenhauer TE-4428 Dream-Edition Tenor, baroque fingering, double holes, Tenor recorder with ergonomically designed keys: attractive shell-shaped keys, robust mechanism, fingering changes made easy by a roll mechanism fitted to double keys, well-balanced sound, European plumwood with maple...
info  849 € Available immediately
Mollenhauer 2646K Mollenhauer & Friedrich von Huene 2646K Canta Knick Great Bass C Recorder - dark stained pearwood, baroque fingering. Elegant, stable sound a strong low register with light, clearly focused high notes. Its quick an accurate response make the Canta Great Bass a reliable playing partner. The...
info  1.999 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Mollenhauer TE-4118 Dream-Edition Soprano Mollenhauer TE-4118 Dream-Edition Soprano, baroque fingering, double holes, European plumwood with maple decorative rings, a = 442 Hz, incl. leather bag, microfibre mop, joint grease, fingering chart, maintenance instructions. Due to their characteristic wide bore and full round sound...
info  248 € Available immediately
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