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Schott Saxophon Spielen Tenor 1 Schott Saxophon Spielen mein schönstes Hobby - beginners book for tenor saxophone, volume 1, with songs from pop, rock, jazz, classic and blues. Includes professional playback CD. German edition.
info  26 € Available immediately
Schott Saxophon Sound Schott Saxophon Sound - basics & special effects for all saxophones by Dirk Juchem. Breathing, finger training, chords and scales, phrasing and vibrato. Includes CD. German edition.
info  24,70 € Available immediately
Schott Jazzmethode T-Sax Schott The Jazz Method For Soprano/Tenor Saxophone - learn the most important jazz styles and rhythms. Written by John O'Neil (German language). Includes CD. Blues For Beginners, Progression, Out For The Count, Times Remembered, P.M., Third Attempt, Flat 5, Interstellar, 251, Home Bass, James,...
info  31 € Available immediately
Schott Der Saxophon-Doktor Schott Der Saxophone-Doktor, By Dirko Juchem and Robert Small: Tipps & Tricks for equipment,maintenance and repairing Saxophones, Schott Pro Line, Contents: Das richtige Equipment, Sax-Tuning, Nebeninstrumente, Der Doktorkoffer, Der tägliche Saxophon-Check, Die regelmäßige Wartung,...
info  14,60 € Available immediately
Schott Saxophon Spielen Hobby T-Sax 2 Schott Saxophone spielen mein schönstes Hobby: Modern beginners' tutor book for tenor saxophone, volume 2; with songs from pop, rock, jazz, classic and blues; with professionel playback CD; German edition.
info  26 € Available immediately
Schott Improvising Blues Saxophone Schott Improvising Blues Saxophone - an introduction to blues saxophone styles, techniques and improvisation by Nick Beston. Improvising Blues Saxophone is a practical guide for any intermediate or advanced player who wishes to enter the sometimes daunting world of improvisation. The answer to...
info  31 € Available immediately
Schott Saxophone Sight Reading 1 Schott, Saxophone Sight Reading 1: An approach based on self-learning and recognition of rhythmic and melodic patterns, Original tunes rather than abstract sight-reading exercises, 154 carefully graduated pieces in a range of musical styles, Seven sections related to the technical development...
info  15,70 € Available immediately

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