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Customer Comments
  • on 18.04.2012

    xxxxakeson@tiscali.co.uk: "Fantastic web site, very easy to find any requirements"

  • on 18.04.2012

    xxxxtamm@btopen­world.com: "Just love your site, friendly, with humour, and personal - and someone on the phone to answer questions (knowledgeable)"

  • on 31.10.2012

    James from the UK: "Thank you Thomann for being one of the most efficient companies that I have dealt with, as well as being friendly and helpful!"

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DMX and Control Cables

Hall of Fame

the sssnake DMX-Cable 1000/3
above 50000 sold
pro snake TPD-3 1 FM
above 50000 sold
pro snake TPD-3 15 FM
above 5000 sold

pro snake TPD-5 10 FM
above 5000 sold
pro snake DMX Adapter M-F
above 10000 sold
pro snake TPD-3 20 FM
above 10000 sold