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  • on 04.06.2012

    xxxxn­gran­nell@btin­t­er­net.c om: "Once again purchasing made easy! I'm so glad I found Thomann and the team. Thanks!"

  • on 28.08.2013

    Irene from the UK: "Very clear website, very easy to understand and easy to find information"

  • on 11.08.2014

    Monty, from the UK: "This is a great store to buy stuff from. They make it so easy the way it should be"

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8" Splash Cymbals

Hall of Fame

Zultan 08" Aja Splash
above 1000 sold
Meinl 08" HCS Splash
above 2000 sold
Paiste PST3 10" Splash
above 3000 sold

Meinl 10" HCS Splash
above 2000 sold
Meinl 12" HCS Splash
above 1000 sold
Thomann China Cymbal 25cm
above 1000 sold
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