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Stairville DDS-405 DMX Dimmer & Switcher Stairville DDS-405 DMX dimming/switch pack - 4-channel individual dimming or switching pack, digital menu and DMX addressing via LED display, max. load: 16A, max load per channel: 5A, covered Safety Plug sockets, sound chase programs, integrated microphone with sensitivity control, automatic...
info  109 € Available immediately
Major One+ 1 Channel Dimmer Major One Plus 1-Channel Dimmer - small 1-channel dimmer, DMX 512 control, safety sockets, 10A/230V.
info  115 € Available immediately
Botex MPX-405 Dimmer Botex MPX-405 4-ch DMX dimmer pack - 4A/ch (16A total), 16 integrated programs, chase speed control, MIDI setting, MIDI compatible fully-infrared remote controller. Connectors: XLR m/f, 4 safety sockets. Dimensions: 212 x 188 x 71mm., Weight: 2.4kg
info  109 € Available immediately
Stairville NS 2003 Single Dimmer Resist. Stairville NS 2003 - high-power single dimmer for up to 2000W resistive load. Output: 10-230V, fuse: F 10A, includes safety socket output plug. Cable length: 1.5m
info  99 € Available immediately
Stairville D610S Dimmerpack Stairville D610 S Dimmer - DMX 512 control, fully digital internal control (10-bit resolution). Menu: preheat, test, error log. Temperature controlled fan. 3x 32A mains input, 10A per channel, single-phase 10A circuit breakers (C characteristics), 6x safety output sockets, 3-pin XLR DMX...
info  325 € Available immediately
Stairville DDS-110 MKII 1-Channel Dimmer Stairville DDS-110 MkII Single-Channel DMX dimming/switch pack - digital menu and DMX addressing via LED display, max. load 10A. Dimensions: 55 x 190 x 85mm. Weight: 1.2kg. Made in Europe.
info  88 € Available immediately
Botex T-4 Bar Botex T-4 Bar - 4-way bar with integrated DMX dimmer and controller (up to 16 chasers), max. 4A per channel (16A total), variable pre-heat, memory backup, master dimmer, channel dimmer, manual & auto program, hold/prog/auto sound. Plug not included. Dimensions: 1310 x 80 x 70mm. Weight: 4kg
info  122 € Available immediately
Stairville DS-2 RF DMX Stairville DS-2 RF DMX - 1-channel dimmer with remote fader, pretty compact DMX Dimmer with output regulation fader (also for preheat use), 10A max load, serves as a switch pack or dimming pack depending on operating Mode, 4-digit segment display shows current activity and function state...
info  68 € Available immediately
Showtec 1 Ch. Dimmer 10A Single MKII Showtec Single MK II Dimmer, one channel DMX 512 Diiming/Switch Pak, Wall / Truss mounting, 50 mm dimming slider, dim and switch, Dimming presets, Capacitive load 10A, Indudive load 5A. Dimmensions: 10,5x19,5x9 cm (WxHxD) Weight: 1,26 kg
info  77 € Available immediately
Stairville D1210H Digital Dimmerpack Stairville D1210H Digital Dimmerpack, 12 Channel Dimming Pack, DMX 512 controllable, Display for easy controller of Preheat, Testing functions, manual dimming and DMX Setup, Heat Level controlled Fans (for less noise), 3-phase Power LED with 32A CEE Plug, Output: 2 pcs. 16 pin Multipin ...
info  719 € Available immediately
Botex DPX-620 III 6-Ch. Dimmer Inst. Botex DPX-620 III 6 channel dimmerpack with terminal strip, 6 channel dimmer pack with separate DMX addressing per channel, 12 chase programs can be recalled, chase speed is adjustable, electronic protection against overheating and short circuits, phase correction for linear dimming / ...
info  289 € Available immediately
Botex UP-2 - 1 Channel Dimmer 10 A Botex UP 2 - 1-channel dimmer with remote control and fader. Dimming and switching power amplifier, 1 channel Compact, DMX Dimmer pack channel faders for preheat, standard DMX 512 dimmer switch or adjustable curve, 3-pin XLR in / out,, Dimensions: 182 x 92 x 65 mm, weight: 1,1 kg
info  69 € Available immediately
American DJ Uni Bar American DJ Uni Bar - very compact single DMX dimmer for truss or stands, lightweight, 10A max power to run big floods or PAR cans. Truss mountable, 3-pin XLR DMX in & out, USITT Standard DMX512, 4-digit segment display shows current activity and function state, power failure memory, dimmer...
info  68 € shipment due to arrive on 03.09.2014
Stairville D610H Dimmerpack MKII Stairville D610 H Dimmer MKII DMX 512 - 10bit fully digital internal controller. Menu: pre-heat, test, error log. Temperature controlled fan. Technical data: mains input 3x 32A, 10A per channel, single phase ciruit breakers (10A). Characteristics: 2x 16 pole output (DMX 512 3 pin XLR-plug)....
info  345 € Available immediately
Botex DPX-620 III 6-Channel Dimmer S Botex DPX-620 III - 6-channel dimmer pack, with Safety connectors, DMX-512, 12 chase programmes with adjustable speed, electronic protection against overheating and short circuit, phase correction for linear/switch/square mode, front connections, LCD display, preheat function, fan cooled. Max...
info  322 € Available immediately
Botex DPX-620 III 6-Ch. Harting Botex DPX-620 III 6-Channel Dimmer Pack - 16-pin Harting output, 6-channel dimmer pack with separate DMX addressing per channel, 12 chase programs, adjustable chase speed, electronic overheating/short circuit protection, phase correction for linear dimming, 10A circuit breaker, LCD display for...
info  329 € Available immediately
Stairville D610H Dimmerpack Stairville D610H dimmer - DMX 512 control, fully digital internal control (10-bit resolution), temperature-controlled fan. Menu: preheat, test, error log. Mains Input: 3x 32A, 10A per channel, single phase 10A circuit breakers (C characteristic), 1x 16-pole Harting output, 3-pin XLR DMX 512....
info  325 € Available immediately
Botex CT 110R Botex CT 110R 1Channel Dimmer 6,3 Amp. Out 0-10 V
info  34 € Available immediately
Botex UP-1 1 Channel Dimmer Botex UP-1 - 1-channel dimmer, SSR drive compatible, digital DMX addressing, power failure memory, input signal: DMX 512. Specifications: power supply: 9V DC (300mA), load per channel: 6A, maximum total load: 6A, output connectors: safety sockets. Dimensions: 185 x 93 x 80mm. Weight: 0.8kg
info  58 € Available immediately
Showtec Lightbrick 4 Ch. Dimm Pack DMX Showtec Lightbrick 4 Channel Dimming Pack DMX, A complete and easy to install light-control solution. That's what the, Showtec LightBrick is about: a DMX 512 4 channel dimm- and switchpack! Perfect for fixed installation or rough on the, road use. Specifications: 4 channel dimmingpack with 512...
info  157 € Available immediately
Zero 88 Betapak 3 German Plugs DMX Zero 88 Betapack 3 Power Pack German Plug DMX - new features include: MCB protection as standard, isolated DMX input, patchable per channel, preheat, topset and dimmer law selectable per channel, 12x programmable backup memories, 3x programmable 99-step sequences with adjustable times, auto...
info  877 € Available immediately
ETC SmartPack 12 Harting ETC SmartPack Dimmer - 12 x 15A 19" dimmer, 2x Harting connections, packed with ETC dimming performance and reliability. Maximum density available for minimum cost, 32 built-in presets and sequencer for stand-alone operation, true thyristor reliability based on Sensor technology, all magnetic...
info  2.149 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Eurolite Dimmer Bar 4 Channel Eurolite DTB-405 - 4-channel dimmer bar (5A) for chaser or DMX operation. Easy installation, installed directly on stands or crossbeams, 4x spot connections, 4x safety socket outputs, can be used as a 4 channel chaser controller or a DMX dimmer pack, 6x different operation modes, 16x...
info  161 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Zero 88 Alpha Pack 2 DMX Dimmer Zero 88 Alphapack 2 3 channel portable dimmers with built in safety features, analogue and DMX control. Alphapack 2 is a general-purpose dimmer offering a useful tool in several applications. It is a 3 channel fully portable unit which can also be safely secured to a stand or wall using the...
info  454 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Zero 88 Rack 6 Harting Dimmer Zero 88 Rack 6 Harting Dimmer - an economical choice of rack mounting DMX dimmer, compact 2U unit, 6x 10A circuits of dimming control, all operator controls available through a simple, intuitive interface, 12 memories, preheat per channel, three dimmer curves range of socket options, CE...
info  666 € medium-term availability (about 1–2 weeks)
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