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VHT Special 6 Bundle VHT Special 6 Bundle containing: the sssnake PPS1015, VHT AV-SP-6H Special 6 All-Valve, VHT AV-SP-112VHT
info  €198
on request
VHT Special 6 Ultra Head VHT Special 6 Head, ultra tube guitar head, 1 channel, 6 watts, 2x 12AX7 and 1x 6V6, overdrive and normal gain input, 1x volume, 1x tone, overdrive gain control, depth control, footswtichable boost mode, high/low power switch, tube-driven effects loop, line out, output power attenuator, 4...
info  €199
Available immediately
VHT AV-SP-6H Special 6 All-Valve VHT AV-SP-6H Special 6 All-Valve Guitar Head - 6W, 1x channel, 1x 12AX7 and 1x 6V6 tubes, 1x volume & 1x tone control, boutique-style hand-wired construction, clean and overdrive mode (switchable with included footswitch), VHT speakers, 4, 8 & 16 Ohms outputs, plywood construction. Dimensions:...
info  €129
Available immediately
VHT AV-SP-112VHT VHT AV-SP112VHT Guitar Cabinet - 60W, 12" speaker (16 Ohms), 2x mono inputs, wired in parallel for full stack option, plywood cabinet (closed). Dimensions: 450 x 495 x 267mm. Weight: 15.6kg. Colour: Black
info  €129
shipment due to arrive on 08.08.2014
VHT Special 6 EL 84 Adapter VHT Special 6 EL84 Adapter 6V6 to EL84 Adapter, no tube
info  €18.90
Available immediately
VHT Special 6 Ultra Head Bundle VHT Special 6 Ultra Head Bundle containing VHT Special 6 Ultra Head, VHT AV-SP-112VHT, the sssnake PPS1015
info  €289
shipment due to arrive on 08.08.2014
micW i436 Kit micW i436 Kit, set includes: i436 Mikrophone, CB011 extensioncable 2m, CB012 Splitcable, CL013 Clip, WS013 Windjammer, AC011 The TUBE (storage/shockmount), microphone data: type: electret condenser, capsule diameter: 7 mm, principle of oeration: pressure, polar pattern: omni-directional,...
info  €119
Available immediately
IK Multimedia iRig Mic IK Multimedia iRig Mic, handheld high quality condenser microphone for the iPhone, iPod touch (with mic-input) and iPad, perfect for on field interviews, podcasting and reporting, as well for vocalists and musicians, cardioid unidirectional pickup pattern allows for clean vocal recording in...
info  €44
Available immediately
micW i436 micW i436, external Mini Microphone for iPad 1/2, iPhone 3gs (and newer) and iPod touch, also calibrated measurement microphone, complies with IEC61672 Class 2 Sound Level, Meter standard, turn your iPhone and iPad into a real time analyzer or sound level meter, type: electret condenser,...
info  €85
Available immediately
Millenium MX Jr. Junior Drumset Millenium MX jr., 5-piece junior drum set - 8"x 5" & 10"x 6" toms, 13"x11" floor tom, 16"x10" bass drum, 12"x 5" snare drum. Hardware: cymbal stand, Hi-Hat, snare stand, bass drum pedal. Includes cymbals, drum stool and one pair of drumsticks! Colour: Black, for children aged 4-7,
info  €122
Available immediately
Millenium MX218BX Combo Set BK Millenium MX218BX 5-Piece Drum Kit - 18" x 14" Bass Drum, 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum, 10" x 9" & 12" x 10" Tom Toms, 14"x14" Floor Toms, Double Braced Hardware Pack containing straight Cymbal Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand and Single Bass Drum Pedal. Includes Brass Cymbal Set with 14" Hi-Hat...
info  €189
Available shortly (2-5 days)
Soundman OKM II Classic Solo Soundman OKM II Classic Solo - electret microphone with omni-directional polar pattern, 20Hz-20kHz, optional A3 power supply available separately. Colour: Blue
info  €121
Available immediately
Neumann KU100 The KU 100 dummy head is a binaural stereo microphone. It resembles the human head and has two microphone capsules built into the ears. The KU 100 can be operated with typical 48 V phantom powering, or from an external power supply unit, or from the built-in battery. At the bottom of the unit...
info  €7,399
Available immediately
Soundman OKM II Classic A3 Soundman OKM II Classic A3 - electret microphone with omni-pattern, blue colour code, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, includes A3 power supply adaptor allowing the mic to be used on a line input.
info  €179
Available immediately
micW i456 micW i456, external Mini Microphone for iPad 1/2, iPhone 3gs (and newer) and iPod touch, type: electret condenser, capsule diameter: 7 mm, principle of oeration: pressure, polar pattern: cardioid, sensitivity 3,2mV/Pa, frequency response: 100 - 20000 kHz, S/N ratio: more than 55 dB, impedance:...
info  €76
Available immediately
Master Artisan US Kennedy Dollar Coin Pick Master Artisan US Kennedy Dollar Coin Pick, pick from decommissioned U.S. coins, material: nickel/copper, dimensions: approx. 28 x 28mm, thickness approx. 2mm, handmade in Tennessee
info  €12.40
Available immediately
Dava Jazz Grips Delrin Pick Set Dava Jazz Grips Delrin Pick Set Pick Set with 6 pcs. Multi-Gauge Control
info  €6.20
Available immediately
Sonor Ascent Natural Jazz Sonor Ascent Series, Jazz Configuration, Color Natural (-26), Chrome Hardware, Set Configuration containing 18"x14" Bass Drum, 12"x08" Tom Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 14"x6,5 Snare Drum, 100% Beechwood Shells in 9 layers for tom toms, floor toms and snare drums with 8.75 mm thickness and 7 layers...
info  €1,777
Available immediately
Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio A3 Soundman OKM II Classic/Studio A3 - electret microphone, omni pattern, 20Hz-20kHz, excellent frequency response, perfect channel match, includes A3 power supply adaptor (for direct connection to a line input). Colour: Red
info  €239
Available immediately
VHT AV-SP-212VHT VHT AV-SP212VHT Special Guitar Speaker Cabinet - 2 x 12" VHT Chrome Back speakers, 120W mono (8 Ohms) or 2x 60W stereo (2x 16 Ohms), 2x mono inputs, finger-jointed birch plywood cabinet, open back. Dimensions: 68 x 27 x 54cm. Weight: 23kg. Colour: Black
info  €189
Available immediately
Sonor Select Force Jungle Maple 44 Sonor Select Force Series Jungle Version Drum Kit - 100% maple shells for uncompromisingly rich and warm sounds, boosted bass frequencies and balanced mid-range and treble, CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free) Process, 7-ply/7.2mm bass drum (5.8mm others). Configuration: 16" x 16" bass drum...
info  €719
Available immediately
Thomann Cover Pro VHT Special 6 Head Thomann Pro Cover VHT Special 6 Head, dust cover for VHT Special 6 Head, water resistant heavy duty nylon, Made in Germany.
info  €24.90
Available immediately
John Pearse Rosewood Plektrum John Pearse Rosewood Plectrum - onesided grip recess.
info  €3.77
Available immediately
Le Niglo N4 Silver Le Niglo N4 Silver pick made from silver, ergonomic formed, incl. instruction and knurling
info  €37
Available immediately
Timber Tones Bone Tones CL Buffalo Bone Timber Tones Buffalo Bone Clear, buffalo bone pick ideal for acoustic and e-guitar, classic 351 form
info  €3.29
Available immediately
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