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Pigtronix CSD Philosphers Tone GOLD Pigtronix CSD Philosphers Tone GOLD, Pigtronix custom shop, compressor sustainer & distortion for e-guitar, clean sustain without noise, blend control for parallel compression, fat distortion via 1N60 germanium diodes, treble control für boost or cut at 2kHz, controls for grit - sustain -...
info  €196
Available immediately
Blackstar LT-Dual Blackstar LT-Dual, effect pedal for electric guitar, overdrive/distortion, 2 chanels, newly developed circuit comes close to the tube sound of the Blackstar HT series pedal, 2 gain 2 level controls ISF and tone controls, status LED, stable space-saving metal housing, operation with 9V battery...
info  €118
Available immediately
Line6 ToneCore Crunchtone Line6 ToneCore Crunchtone, if you like warm, full-bodied overdrive, Crunchtone features three juicy models: Blues, Pop and Crunch. Based on Line 6’s arsenal of power tube overdrive models, Crunchtone also give you a simple yet versatile tone control for easy tweaking, and a built-in Noise Gate.
info  €36
Available immediately
Z.Vex Fuzz Factory Z.Vex Fuzz Factory classic '60s fuzz sound - 2x hand selected Germanium transistors for extreme overdrive with complex and intense overtones, optional power supply, every pedal with individual design
info  €279
Available immediately
MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified O.D. effectpedal, analog distortion pedal, modified M78 pedal with 100Hz Cut and boost control, control for output, tone and distortion, "bumb" switch engages alternate voicing for a low and mid-range boost, 2 Status-LED, Works with 9V-Battery or Dunlop ECB-003...
info  €103
Available immediately
Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator Pigtronix PSO Polysaturator, distortion, mellow overdrive to ultra high gain distortion, 3-band graphic EQ (12dB/octave), Class A, J-FET front end, true bybass, power supply (Pigtronix 15V DC) included, dimensions: 4.4" (11,2) x 2.4" (6,1) x 1" (2,5)
info  €93
Available immediately
Rockett Pedals Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost Rockett Pedals Tim Pierce Signature OD/Boost, e-guitar effect pedal, Overdrive/Boost, controls for: Tone, Bass, Power Amp, Drive and Level, Power Amp on/off switch, battery operation possible, 9V DC power supply (center negativ) is required, both not included, dimensions (l x w x h): 12 x 7,5...
info  €241
Available immediately
Alairex H.A.L.O Jr. Alairex H.A.L.O Jr., e-guitar effect, Overdrive, controls for: Gain, Leve and Tone, adjustable bass control increase bass frequencies at 100Hz, Contour control, Shape-switch (different distortion characteristics), True Bypass, high impedance input (jack), low impedance output (jack), status...
info  €212
Available immediately
Wampler Hot Wired V2 Brent Mason Wampler Hot Wired V2, Brent Mason Signature series, e-guitar effect, overdrive/distortion, 2 pedals in one chassis, controls channel 1: Volume, Overdrive, Tone and Blend (for clean signal), control for channel 2: Volume Distortion and Tone, Bass Boost switch for each channel, True...
info  €260
Available immediately
Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Standard B-Stock B-Stock, Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Standard, e-guitar effect, overdrive, controls for Volume, Tone, Overdrive, Boost, Dynamics, Boost switch (pre/post Overdrive), true bypass, power supply not included, optional power supply # 192043, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
info  €166
Available immediately
Jet City Amplification Afterburner Jet City Amplification Afterburner, dual stage overdrive, warm tone from blues up to singing solo sound with long sustain, to upgrade a 1 channel amp into a 3 channel amp, extra boost switch for more gain, gain/tone/volumen controls, enclosure made of steel and aluminium, power by 9V battery...
info  €48
Available immediately
Harley Benton HM-100 Harley Benton HM-100 Heavy Metal effects pedal - 3-band EQ with parametric mids, vintage sound, 70s metal and nu-metal sounds, powered via 9V battery or optional power supply (108096)
info  €24.30
Available immediately
AMT E-1 AMT E-1 FX Pedal - Legend Amp series, analog emulation of Engl amps, true bypass. Controls: level, gain, low, mid, high. Outputs: amp out, cabinet simulation out. Requires 12V power supply (order code: 192043).
info  €95
Available immediately
Blackstar LT-Dist Blackstar LT-Dist, effect pedal for electric guitar, distortion, newly developed circuit comes close to the tube sound of the Blackstar HT series pedal, gain level ISF and tone controls, status LED, stable space-saving metal housing,, operation with 9V battery or optional power supply #108096...
info  €68
Available immediately
Darkglass Duality Dual Fuzz Engine Darkglass Duality Dual Fuzz Engine effectpedal, fuzzpedal, combination of 2 fuzzsounds, control for Level, Blend, Duality and Filter, power by 9V DC power supply (not included - optional 108096), Made in USA
info  €236
Available immediately
Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion - transistor and OI-amp circuit, low boost/hi boost tone controls, up to 55dB extra boost, makes clean amps dirty and dirty amps filthy.
info  €123
Available immediately
MXR M173 Silicon Fuzz Classic 108 MXR M173 Silicon Fuzz - fuzz pedal with true bypass, controls for volume and fuzz. Made in USA.
info  €133
Available immediately
Boss ST-2 Power Stack Boss Legend Series ST-2 Power Stack - classic British sound of the '60s and '70s. Optional power supply available (order code: 108096).
info  €109
Available immediately
MXR M 264 Fet Driver MXR M 264 Fet Driver, Overdrive pedal for electric guitar, Creamy overdriven tube sound, Hi Cut switch for a warm sound, Controls for Hi, Low, Level and Drive, 1/4" in and out, Stable footswitch, Status LED, True Bypass, Operation with 9V battery or optional PSU (#108096), Made in U.S.A.
info  €153
Available immediately
Cmat Mods Brownie Cmat Mods Brownie FX Pedal - sound like a Marshall on 11, endless sustain and dynamic attack, true bypass. Controls: level, gain, tone. Powered via 9V DC power supply (not included).
info  €163
Available immediately
Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Factory Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Factory, e-guitar effect pedal, Fuzz, controls for: Volume, Fuzz and Tone, long sustain, battery operation possible, 9V DC power supply is needed, power supply is not included, suitable power supply: #192043
info  €163
Available immediately
Digitech Hot Head Digitech Hot Head - versatile distortion pedal ranging from a smooth crunch to an aggressive high gain. Level, low, high & gain controls, two outputs for amp and mixer.
info  €27
Available immediately
Weehbo Dumbledore Weehbo Dumbledore, e-guitar stompbox, overdrive, 2 channels, controls for: Level, Bass, Middle, Treble, More and Drive, mid-frequency switch, Dynamic switch (switches the internal voltage of 9V to 18V), True Bypass, 9/18V power supply is required (power supply is not included)
info  €231
Available immediately
Hughes&Kettner Tubeman II B-Stock B-Stock, Hughes & Kettnerr Tubeman II - 3 channel recording tube pre-amp, 3 band EQ, 'Red Box' speaker simulation, includes power supply., B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
info  €295
Available immediately
HoTone Skyline Blues HoTone Skyline Blues, compact classic tube-style overdrive pedal for electric guitar and bass, gain control, volume control, tone control, fat switch, LED-status, true bypass, jack input & output, DC Input (center negative, 20Ma consumption) for 9V DC power supply (not included - optional...
info  €62
Available immediately
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