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On this page you’ll find products from the selected Product Group, which are listed according to their current Sales Rank.

This represents the current sales status, taking stock availability into consideration.

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1 Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain  EUR Available immediately
2 Behringer MIC200 Tube Ultragain  EUR Available immediately
3 ART Tube MP  EUR Available immediately
4 Behringer MIC2200 Ultragain Pro  EUR shipment due to arrive on 11.08.2014
5 Golden Age Project Pre-73 MK2  EUR Available immediately
6 Focusrite Octopre MKII  EUR Available immediately
7 Universal Audio LA-610 MkII  EUR Available immediately
8 Audient ASP 880  EUR Available immediately
9 DBX 286 S  EUR Available immediately
10 RME Micstasy M incl. Madi Option  EUR Available shortly (2-5 days)



131 Tascam iXZ  EUR

Hall Of Fame

SPL Goldmike 9844

Over 5000 piece(s) sold

Behringer MIC2200...

Over 3000 piece(s) sold

ART Tube MP Studio V3

Over 3000 piece(s) sold

Behringer MIC100 Tube...

Over 5000 piece(s) sold

Behringer MIC200 Tube...

Over 5000 piece(s) sold

Studio Projects VTB1

Over 3000 piece(s) sold


Over 20000 piece(s) sold

Universal Audio LA-610...

Over 750 piece(s) sold

Focusrite Octopre MKII

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

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Online Guide Mic Preamps
Microphone preamps, are analogue devices that will remain important even as most other equipment is superseded by digital alternatives.


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