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Electronic Drumsets

On this page you’ll find products from the selected Product Group, which are listed according to their current Sales Rank.

This represents the current sales status, taking stock availability into consideration.

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1 Millenium MPS-200 E-Drum Special Set  EUR Available immediately
2 Millenium MPS-400 E-Drum Stereo Set  EUR Available immediately
3 Millenium MPS600 Professional E-Drum Set  EUR Available immediately
4 Roland HD-3 V-Drum Lite Set  EUR Available immediately
5 Roland TD-30 Thomann Edition Set  EUR Available immediately
6 Roland TD-15K V-Tour Drum Set  EUR Available immediately
7 Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set  EUR Available immediately
8 Roland TD-11KV V-Drum Compact Set  EUR Available immediately
9 Millenium MPS-500 E-Drum Set  EUR Available immediately
10 Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum  EUR Available immediately



71 Roland SPD-30 Octapad Bundle  EUR

Hall Of Fame

Millenium MPS-100...

Over 10000 piece(s) sold

Millenium MPS-200...

Over 10000 piece(s) sold

Millenium HD-100...

Over 5000 piece(s) sold

Millenium MPS600...

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

Roland SPD-SX Sampling...

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

Millenium MD-90 Mobile...

Over 2000 piece(s) sold

Millenium MPS-500...

Over 1000 piece(s) sold

Roland TD-11K V-Drum...

Over 500 piece(s) sold

Roland TD-11KV V-Drum...

Over 750 piece(s) sold

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