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Online Guide Drumsticks
The thing with the numbers


Drum Sticks are mostly given a number and a letter.

Usual sizes are for instance. 2a, 5a, 7a. There is no accurate standard to this system. The appropriate sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

General rule: Number 7 is a finer stick than number 2 5b is thicker than 5a.

Drumstick sizes

Here a rough scale:
  • 7a - a good stick for light jazz.
  • 5a -jazz, light rock.
  • 5b - good all rounder for rock, rehearsals and for practice.
  • 2a - rock and to practice somewhat heavier material.
  • 2b - ideal for heavy rock.

Between them there is a multitude of models; the characteristics differ depending on the make.


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