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DreadnoughtAn acoustic guitar shape that is generally associated with the guitar maker C. F. Martin & Co. The dreadnought is the largest shape in their range but is also used as a generic term for any large-bodied acoustic guitar of a similar shape.
shape which was optimized for
Volume1) In audio and music, the loudness or amplitude of a signal. 2) In computing, a fixed amount of storage space, addressed as a single entity ('C:', 'D:' etc). A physical drive may contain more than one volume, but a single volume may also span more than one drive!
, Martin also created smaller guitars within their 00 and 000 ranges. Small guitars have remained popular for more intimate performance styles, and are especially well-liked by fingerpickers and acoustic blues soloists like Eric Clapton for their immediate response - less energy is required to set a small body vibrating.

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