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XD-V55/RX75 Vocal
Roam free with a Line6 Wireless transmission system - now at Hot Deal prices!

The festival season is around the corner, so what better time to get one of these attractively priced bundles with Line6 guitar or vocal systems to choose from – starting at only 188.- Euro! [09.04.2014]

LP Studio
Grab a real Gibson now at Hot Deal prices!

Many, many 2013 Gibson models – from Les Paul and SG guitars to Thunderbird basses – now at over 30% off! [04.04.2014]

Neusonik iBoard 4
An amazing offer for your home studio: The Neusonik Spring 2014 Hot Deal

Upgrade your home studio with a new USB keyboard controller featuring iPad compatibility, new active nearfield monitors or a MIDI interface – at massive savings of nearly 50%! [25.03.2014]

Custom Guitars at Bargain Prices: PRS SE Angelus

Finest acoustic guitars by Paul Reed Smith, made from highest grade woods, now available at massive savings of 50% for an incredible 495.- Euros! [19.02.2014]

Peavey AT-200
Peavey AT-200 Guitars with onboard Antares Auto-Tune!

A classic rock guitar at bargain prices featuring perfect automatic tuning at the push of a button! Hot Deals now available with for only Euro 195.- – with massive savings of 50%!! [10.02.2014]

Steel-string guitars with a custom shop vibe

A homage to classic American steel-string guitars, these instruments are available in a range of models, all with the same outstanding component quality and at fantastic Thomann prices from 145.- Eur! [15.01.2014]

M-Audio Venom Hardware-synth at a plug-in price!

Now, that’s what we call HOT: Virtual-analog synth with built-in USB audio interface and lots of fresh factory sounds with over 60% savings at a sizzling Hot Deal price of only 198.- Eur! [16.12.2013]

Thomann Service-Center
Even more service for our customers!

More Service, More Thomann: Our Service Centre and its 135 expert service personnel are on hand to service and repair your instruments and equipment [23.09.2013]

Sommerfest 2013
Thomann Sommerfest 2013 Impressions

The 22nd Thomann Sommerfest was a raving success: On Sunday, June 9th, 7.500 visitors from all across Europe came to Treppendorf to enjoy shows, workshops and plenty of music acts. [12.06.2013]

the t.bone free solo HT
Spotlight on your solo: The new t.bone free solo HT series!

Our new free solo HT series makes flexible wireless technology affordable and flexible, offering several frequency ranges and specialized sets for vocals, speech or guitar, featuring True Diversity from only 159.- Eur[03.04.2013]

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02.04.2014: average time to shipping: 5.01 hours.
03.04.2014: average time to shipping: 2.31 hours.
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05.04.2014: average time to shipping: 1.28 hours.
07.04.2014: average time to shipping: 4.49 hours.
08.04.2014: average time to shipping: 7.15 hours.
09.04.2014: average time to shipping: 5.76 hours.
10.04.2014: average time to shipping: 2.78 hours.
11.04.2014: average time to shipping: 1.75 hours.
12.04.2014: average time to shipping: 1.78 hours.

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Celebrity Birthdays

Jan Hammer
17.04. Jan Hammer
17.04. Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)
Ex-Spice Girls
18.04. Mike Mangini
19.04. Anthony Harford
Ex-Black Sabbath
19.04. Frank Elstner

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