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Big Sound, Compact Size!

dB Technologies Opera D Clearance Sale

Opera 208 DOpera 210 DOpera 410 DOpera 402 DOpera 405 DOpera 605 D
Picture Set:
db Technologies Opera
Great quality at Hot Deal prices! Need bigger sound at your live gigs? Looking for a pair of active speakers? Youíre a DJ and need a pair of active monitors with great performance and compact dimensions? Then do yourself a favor and take advantage of our clearance sale prices before itís too late. These highly versatile active speakers by dB Technologies are perfect in all of these roles. And we donít just mean in terms of their stylish looks; these multi-purpose, high quality speakers are made in Europe and offer outstanding sound quality in their price class.

Theyíve got everything you need: The Opera D Seriesí trump card is its low weight, as it incorporates the latest in digital amplifier technology, yet offers major bang for your buck. The 208 D offers an 8" woofer and 1" horn, and will pump out your tunes with a peak output of 400 watts. The largest model in our clearance sale is the 605 D, which sports a 15" woofer and 1" horn for a peak output of a wall-shaking 900 watts! Sounds heavy, you might think, but the 608 D weighs in at only 12.9 kg! The 208 D, the most compact model on offer, weighs a mere 8.4 kg!

Awesome sound for any occasion! The Opera Dís solid housing incorporates an XLR input, a Sensitivity knob and an output that lets you connect additional speakers. The carrying handles mean theyíre easy to get about with, and the flange on the underside lets you mount them on stands for FOH use. All speakers in the series can also be used as wedge monitors, thanks to the angled housing design. The DSP sound programs guarantee sonic flexibility: a DJ playing songs from a CD obviously needs a different sound from a live band. Thatís why the Opera D Series offers a "Flat" mode with linear playback characteristics for bands, and a "Processed" mode for music coming from a CD, iPod or laptop that pushes up the bass and pulls down the mids. Great sound at the touch of a button!

And thatís not all: donít miss the exclusive deal now available on these great products, with savings of up to 44%! And yes, thatís with the 3-year Thomann Warranty and the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Select a model, buy now and enjoy: not just your new speakers but the money youíve saved in the process!

  • Active 2-way speakers
  • 8"-15" woofer (depending on model) and 1" horn
  • Digital power amplifiers with peak output of between 400 and 900 watts (depending on model)
  • Big Volume: 120-130 SPL (depending on model)
  • Low weight: 8-14.5kg
  • XLR input and Sensitivity knob
  • Inputlink Output (XLR and TRS)
  • Two EQ programs: "Flat" and "Processed"
  • Sturdy plastic housing
  • Made in Italy

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