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Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickup

Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickup
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Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickup

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98 customer ratings:

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4.8 out of 5 stars

Excellent pickups at a very good price

Total rating

I replaced the pickups in my 1984 Fender MIJ Squire Precision with these 'Fender Vintage P-Bass' pickups. You get the pickups, the foam, the metal plate and cloth covered vintage-style wire. I had the pickups professionally fitted as I'm not that good with a soldering iron, but you may be able to install them yourself if you're handy like that. The sound quality is great, its not night and day compared to the pickups I had previously but I'm very happy with the authentic 'precision' sound, and also the build quality of these. I'm using them with Thomastik Flat strings and the bass sounds great. I've read some opinions that certain boutique makes (e.g. Lindy Frailin) are superior, but they are considerably more expensive so I decided to go with these which I think are very good value. I believe these are the pickups fitted to the reissue USA Fender P Basses so that's good enough for me.

A true vintage sound!

Total rating

I replaced the stock pickup in a Mexican Standard Fender Precision bass with this pickup. It really is to an authentic vintage spec, build and sound. I'm using with flatwound strings and a foam mute and it gives that deep, thumpy sound with good midrange character too. Pleased with this purchase.

So much better than the standard pups!

Total rating

I bought these to replace the pickups in a MIM P bass. After installation the sound and tone had far greater clarity and it now sounds like a far more expensive bass!

Breathed new life into an old bass

Total rating

I had an old no-brand P Bass lying around, and decided to do it up for a project. Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickup were the perfect and obvious choice. Easy to install, and great sound. Saved me buying a new bass!

Bass has been coming out from my guitar....

Total rating

I have a copy precision with an original Fender neck. I noticed that the Dimarzio set which sits in give a little bit pallid voice to my bass. So I decided to change them to another one, but i did not have any idea what shall I use to catch a tone like real Fender basses have.
A friend of mine - who build and repair guitars - recommanded this vintage P-Bass set. He said: - Why should you use anything else than Fender originally find out in their guitars? Now I know he was right!

When we changed the old set to this new P-Bass set the guitar started to be alive. It's went to have a metallic and bright sound - bumped up the frequency range around 1 kHz - and stout bass. The main difference is it's commentate the dynamics of playing lot better than the previous one. So I'm very satisfied with changing my pick ups!

The Best P Bass Pickups

Total rating

Like the box says, get these if you want that original Fender Precision Bass sound.
Made well, prewired to a new copper ground plate - solder in 2 wires and you're in business.

At one time I had active pickups in this 30 year old Made In Japan P bass. Run by a 9 volt battery (I routed a battery cavity under the pickguard), they were bright and "attacky", and I really liked them at the time.

Then, after some years of using those pickups, I reinstalled the originals out of a desire for change, and was amazed by the great tone. I didn't recall loving the original tone before, but this was great. That was at least 10 years ago.

Then I bought these recently to replace the original pickups. Because the original pickups sound great to me in this bass, I did this primarily 'cause I've upgraded everything on this instrument over the years - better bridge, better tuners, and I now did the electronics, thinking I could improve the instrument's tone even more.

While I can't say, "wow - it sounded awful before and now it's amazing!", I think maybe it's got better definition and clarity than before. It certainly has the traditional sound I'm looking for and I'm not wishing I hadn't bothered. I need to play and record with it more to form a clearer opinion, but so far it's everything I was hoping for, tone-wise.

I did note that the new pickups look like they're maybe manufactured better than the old stock ones.

All in all, these are the real deal, provide original spec sound, and they're made well and easy to install. It's hard to know whether you'll improve your sound in a way you'll like in any given instrument when you change pickups. But if you like upgrading your gear and experimenting, it's always worthwhile to try.

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