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Expolite TourLED 42 CM MK-II IP65 Expolite TourLED 42 CM MK-II IP65 - Now 16Bit Dimmer Channel !!! novel type of mixing optic for powerful and even colour mixing. Colours are mixed within the luminaire itself, thereby eliminating undesirable colour shadows. Thanks to the innovative dim4 technology, the TourLED can be dimmed in...
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Expolite TourLED 21 CM MK-II IP65 Expolite TourLED 21 CM MK-II, 16, IP65. The new outdoor version of the popular TourLED 21 CM boasts all the proven features of the small deco all - rounder. The compact dimensions of the outdoor housing make a multitude of new applications possible, without sacrificing such user - friendly...
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Expolite TourLED Pro 28 CM+W Zoom IP66 Expolite TourLED Pro 28 CM+W Zoom IP66, TourLED Pro 28, CM+W, Zoom 8-40, IP66. The TourLED Power Zoom 28 is the logical development of the popular TourLED Power 28 CM + W. Equipped with the latest generation of high-performance LEDs and motorized zoom it is suitable for a wide range of ...
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