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Synthesizers and Samplers

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For Sale: KORG 'Triton' '(Pro Studio Classic) and Extreme' and Triton'LE' owners DVD Tutorials - TritonLE Master Series also for professional Studio production and editing applications. Don't waste time thumbing backwards and forwards through the three(!) manuals - these show you all you need to know to quickly get the best out of these powerful Worksatations, including editing and many undocumented tricks and tips to understand and move round the menus quickly and effectively and get creating rather than programming! Advise which Tutorial at point of purchase. £12.99 ea inc shipping
Mark Gardiner from GB-GU10 4JH Farnham at 02.11.2014, time: 13:32 Contact advertiser

For Sale: Both in excellent condition, offers welcomed: Doepfer A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Modifier / Bit Cruncher (Iíve changed the orig Doepfer knobs but can replace the orig if you prefer) £60 ono Synthrotek Modular Chaos Nand (with black Davies knobs) £80 ono IDEALLY Iíd swap for a Peaks (worth a shot) as one of these just isnít enough :-) Paypal ok & buyer pays shipping. Iíll upload pics tonight! Thanks.
John Healy from GB-SA18 3BX Ammanford at 11.10.2014, time: 14:33 Contact advertiser

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