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Holders for Microphones

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Neumann MNV 21 mt Neumann MNV 21 mt, cablegrib with microfonclamp
info  €49
Available immediately
Rycote Universal Studio Mount USM-L Rycote Universal Studio Mount USM-L, RY-044903 universal Shockmount light, 18 - 55 mm diameter and maximal weight up to 400g horizontal, up to 12 dB noise isolation, weight 154g, overall dimensions: 120 mm diameter x 170 mm length x 70 mm depth, colour black, for microphones with a diameter 18...
info  €86
Available immediately
Shure A98 KCS Shure A 98 KCS, Universal Horn clip to SM/WM 98
info  €75
Available immediately
DPA CC 4099 DPA CC 4099, Cello microphone holder for DPA 4099 Cello microphone, black
info  €32
Available immediately
Heil Sound PRSMC Shock Mount PR40 Heil Sound PRSMC, Shock Mount for PR40, silver (champagne), 5/8" Mounting Thread
info  €134
Available immediately
Audix D-Clip Audix D-Clip, microphone clamp for Audix D Series, black, 3/8" thread
info  €9.50
Available immediately
Finhol Microphone Tripod Stand Holder Finhol Microphone Tripod Stand Holder, mount for Finhol products on the mic stand, suitable for Auto Stomp Player, Stompcon Stompbox Converter and Mic Edge Converter, delivery without micro-tripod included velcro strips for mounting the unit on the mounting plate, for convenient operation of...
info  €29
Available immediately
Neumann SG21 Neumann SG21 Microphone Clip - for Neumann KM184.
info  €43
Available immediately
SAMSON DMC 100 Samson DMC 100, holder for microphones of the Samson 5,7,8 Kit microphone sets, Singlepack
info  €13.80
Available immediately
AKG HU416 AKG HU416, holder for AKG C416-Mic, without rubber plate
info  €6.60
Available immediately
Sennheiser MZQ441 Sennheiser MZQ441 - mic clip for 441/541, 3/8" thread. Colour: Black
info  €42
Available immediately
Superlux PRA-383 Replacement Clamp Superlux PRA-383 Replacement Clamp - complete clamp with holder for PRA 383.
info  €19.30
Available immediately
Shure A57F Shure A57F, microphone clamp for Shure SM81, SM63, VP64, KSm 137, KSM 141, black
info  €5.90
Available immediately
Rycote Invision INV-8 Rycote Invision INV-8 - universal microphone holder for stands with a 3/8" thread. Suitable for mics: Neumann RSM190 and RSM191, Pearl MS8 and MSH10, and Sony ECM 999, ECM 979, and ECM 959 Ry-041108
info  €43
Available shortly (2-5 days)
Superlux YA10 Superlux YA10,Camera Adapter, for all mic clips with a 5/8" thread, colour black
info  €4.33
Available immediately
K&M 29394 K&M 29394, Similar to 29390, but with fitted LED illuminated single pole changeover switch. Mounted on the removable plate, and a 5 pole XLR-style male connector on the rear. Weight: 2.3 kg, dimensions: 160 x 150 x 51 mm, not wired!
info  €74
Available immediately
Audix D-Flex Rimclamp Audix D-Flex Rimclamp drumclip with nylon-clamp for all drum rims
info  €15.30
Available immediately
Sennheiser MZH 3015 Sennheiser MZH 3015 Gooseneck - 150mm, XLR connector for ME34/35/36. Colour: Black
info  €121
Available immediately
the t.bone Tripod the t.bone Tripod - mini desktop recorder stand with 1/4" camera thread, height 14.5cm. Max load: 600g
info  €2.80
Available immediately
DPA DMM 0009 DPA DMM 0009, Transparent Holder for DPA 4071 Miniature microphones
info  €13.50
Available immediately
Sennheiser MZS 6 Sennheiser MZS 6, shockmount mic clip for K6
info  €46
Available immediately
Samson C0 Mikro Halter Samson C03, mic holder bracket for Samson C01, C01U, Co3, CO3U
info  €24.60
Available immediately
Rycote Zoom H2N Kit Rycote Portable Rec Audio Kit HG ZOOM H2N Kit, complete set for the Zoom H2N Handheld Recorder comprising: Soft Grip handle, Portable Recorder Suspension HD, Hot Shoe 3/8"Adaptor, Zoom H2N Mini Windjammer
info  €115
Available immediately
Shure A 98 D Shure A 98 D - kit for installing SM/WM98 on drum rims.
info  €72
shipment due to arrive on 05.08.2014
Rycote Portable Recorder Kit R-26 Rycote Portable Recorder Audio Kit R-26, Schockmountset for Roland R-26 to fix Pocket-Recorders on camera adapters set contains 1x Recorder Suspension Shockmount, 1x Soft Grip Handle, 1x Mini-Windscreen Medium for Pocketrecorder RY-046011
info  €121
Available immediately
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