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Boss GT-100 Boss GT-100, e-guitar multieffect, floorboard, 400 storable presets (200 user + 200 preset), 100 dB dynamic range, effects: compressor, overdrive, distrotion, preamp, EQ, delay, chorus, reverb, 2 LCD displays, 1x jack input, AUX-IN (mini jack stereo), 2x jack outputs (L/R), headphone out,...
info  €399
Available immediately
Boss RC-30 Dual Track Looper Boss RC-30 Dual Track Looper, twin Pedal multitrack looper with true stereo I/O, two synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume faders and track-select buttons, massive internal memory with up to three hours of stereo recording time, 99 onboard memory phrases for storing loops, built-in...
info  €249
Available immediately
Boss ME-80 Boss ME-80, e-guitar multieffect pedal, 8 effect sections, 9 amp models (latest COSM amp models taken from GT-100), phaser, tremolo, boost, delay, chorus, EQ, 3 different reverb modes, overdrive/distortion, compressor, octaver, anm., each effect separate controls, 8 multifuctional pedals and...
info  €279
Available immediately
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Boss RC-300 Loop Station, three stereo tracks each with two separate footswitches (REC/ PLAY & STOP), easily operated volume fader for each track, expression pedal for effect control in real time, 3 hours stereo recording time and 99 internal user presets, 16 especially for loops optimized ...
info  €489
Available immediately
Boss RC-505 Bundle Boss RC-505 Bundle containing Boss RC-505, the t.bone MB 55, the sssnake SM6BK
info  €499
Available immediately
Boss GT-001 Boss GT-001, desktop multieffect, Premium amp-models and effects from GT-100, COSM amp modelling and multi dimensional processing effects, flexible amp and effect routing with 2 signal channels, USB Audio/MIDI Interface with two internal ports for recordging and reamping, compatible with...
info  €299
Available immediately
Boss DD-7 Boss DD-7 Delay Pedal 6.4 second delay time, 40 second loop function, modulation-echo with chorus, modelling of the classic DM-2 unit, tap tempo with optional foot pedal or continuous adjust by optional expression pedal, stereo in/out, optional power supply available (order code 108096).
info  €149
Available immediately
Boss RC-3 Boss RC-3 Loop Station, massive internal memory with up to three hours of stereo recording time, 99 onboard memories for storing loops, USB 2.0 port allows you to connect to a PC and import/export WAV audio, rhythm guide with real drums, runs on a single 9-volt battery (included) or optional...
info  €169
Available immediately
Boss PSA 230S Power Supply Boss (Roland) PSA 230S, switchmode power supply, 9V DC, 500mA, polarity minus inside, 2.1/5.5mm connector (inside/outside), 305 cm cable lenght, power LED, weight: 142 g
info  €29
Available immediately
Boss TU-3 Boss TU-3 Chromatic Floor Tuner - cent mode (like a classical tuner) or Stream mode, Accu Pitch, high brightness mode, flat tuning, mute/bypass, C0-C8 range (16.35Hz-4.186kHz), also for 7-string guitar and 6 string bass, +/- 1 cent accuracy, 436-445Hz accuracy, powered via 9V battery...
info  €69
Available immediately
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