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Arturia MiniLab

Arturia MiniLab
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Arturia MiniLab, USB Controller Keyboard, 25 Mini-Keys velocity sensitive, 16 Encoder, 16 Pads (two banks of 8 pads/buttons), Touchstrips for Pitchbend and Modulation, Sustainpedal-Connection, USB-Connection, bus-powered, works with iPad via Camera Connection Kit (not included), incl. Analog Lab Software license with 5000 Sounds from the Arturia Synthesizer and Keyboards - requires download from Arturia, Dimensions: 373 x 191x 50 mm, Weight: 1.03 kg

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38 customer ratings:

Total rating
3.7 out of 5 stars
computer utilisation

A small box that packs a big punch!

Total rating
computer utilisation

The Arturia MiniLab I bought from Thomann,de recently arrived at my door and I didn't waste time getting it set up.

First of all, the's really good and solid, any electrical item, I wouldn't go hopping it off the floor to see just how solid it is,'s a nice solid build that comes in just over 1 kg.

It's worth mentioning I had read some horror stories online regarding the Arturia MiniLab, issues that included computer crashes..freezing DAWs and dodgy encoder responses..but I didn't encounter any issues at all personally.

You need to be connected to the internet to set the MiniLab up and get it authorized correctly. Regarding this, I think their website could be a bit more "clear", as it took a while to find the up-to-date software needed..and, to be honest, I found the experience a little frustrating. But once I completed that stage of the setup, everything else was fine.

I should point out that I updated the unit's firmware the moment I had it connected to my PC, which is a Windows 7 64bit system with an i7-3770 3.40GHz CPU and 32 GB that might have made a difference..not really sure. But I would suggest this might not be the best option to go with if you have an older, more slower machine.

The only thing I did find that supported one of the above mentioned reported issues I read about had to do with the encoders. For some reason they don't really turn in sync with those that appear on your screen. The ones on the actual hardware need to be turned a little more, which could be an issue for those working with this live..but in a home studio it isn't really much of an issue at all, but worth mentioning for obvious reasons.

On this point, you should also be aware that the unit comes with 2 settings..and if you have the unit set to the wrong setting, then the encoders on screen will act in a really erratic way..something you really need to keep in mind..and perhaps the basis for many of the encoder issues you might read about, as I did.

On the plus side, the encoders are very well spaced, which is great when compared to other controllers on the market these days.

The hardware unit comes with the Arturia AnoaLog Lab included in the price..and where the hardware unit may or may not have issues..the Analog Lab shines and makes everything else worthwhile.

There are just over 5000 analog synth presets with this program, that do an extremely good job of capturing the true analog feel of a number of classic synths, such as the Mini V, Modular V, CS-80 V,J upiter-8V and Prophet 5 to name a few...all of which sound really rich and great.

Another thing about this which is a small thing, but something really cool, is the midi control center software that comes with it let's you map settings from your PC and then keeps these stored on the hardware itself, which makes it easy to switch between computers and programs. It will even work with iPads via the iPad camera connection kit!

All in all, this really is a great little bit of kit.. both useful in a homes studio setup or for out-and-about, as it is clearly designed with portability in mind. It's feature-set is pretty good considering it's size and relatively low price tag. The Analog Lab software (..which needs to be downloaded from the Arturia site) is outstanding and only added to the value of this item.

In short, I LOVE it and love using it every day. I would certainly recommend it to anyone. For the price, I think you would be hard pressed to find something similar.

A Major Headache

Total rating
computer utilisation

I was looking forward to getting this item as it was one of the cheapest controllers to feature dials for controlling parameters for the software Instruments.

I went about trying to set up the controller, and found out you needed an eLicenser program, which is where the major HEADACHE comes in. I had tried this program with trying to set up a cubase DAW.

I had constant problems trying to authenticate the Controller, it would try the patience of a saint trying to get it to accept the authentication code.

It's a good product other from that problem. Its a shame they dont have a better way to register and authenticate the product

A lesser Arturian legend

Total rating
computer utilisation

A nice device. Keys are small. Software is great, no hassles whatsoever installing it either. Excellent value overall. You'll need to buy & use a Steinberg compatible elicenser USB dongle to get the Arturia software bundle up & running properly. I used an old Steinberg USB dongle off fleabay, cost me £19 pre-owned. Heh, I should've bought a £15 from Thomann there, sorry guys. First I surfed to, donwloaded their latest dongle software and deployed it. Then I registered the device on I needed to set up a Steinberg online account to do this. A breeze. That's an important step to get Arturia to recognise the dongle.

Then I read every pdf and webdoc & forum post in sight regarding the Arturia installation hoop-las and woes. I next registered the Minilab itself on Arturia's site, downloaded whatever midi and synth software they suggested on the registration webpage, installed it on Win7 fine. My USB eLicenser is NOT the new i-Lok version, but a proper old school Steinberg one which actually lists Arturia on it's packaging. I chose to put the my Arturia software e-license authorisation on the dongle. Fired up the software, it all works fine. Haven't needed Arturia support so can't comment on how useful/useless/caring/aloof it may be.

The Minilab package is a no brainer really, as it includes a 5000 sample selection of Arturia synths too. Effectively you're buying the software (it costs more on it's own) and they're chucking in the Minilab hardware controller into the bargain. Minilab integrates seamlessly with the Arturia software. Really nice.

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Total rating
computer utilisation
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