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Online Guide DJ Setups
Conclusion and Feedback


Regardless of the style of music or the intended audience, a DJ must
Master1) The final version of an audio recording or album that has been prepared for release. 2) The physical medium on which this recording is stored or transferred, such as a glass master CD, CDR or vinyl master from which a production run will be replicated or pressed.
the tools of their trade. An experienced and well-practised DJ can adapt themselves to an alien system and still perform to the best of their abilities under difficult conditions. This ability only comes from knowing how different DJ setups work, and how each individual component relates to the others - if you know your technology well, you’ll be able to pinpoint a problem and fix or get round it quickly.

Remember that each setup may look different, but will always be made up from the same basic building blocks. Think about what you want to achieve and how you might want to expand your system in future, and use the information in this Online Advisor to build the ideal setup for your budget.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – now go and mix up a storm!

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