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  • el día 06.01.2012

    xxx­ "Estoy contentísimo por el servicio y con los detalles que os hacen cada vez más grandes. Gracias por vuestro increible trabajo."

  • el día 19.03.2012

    xxx­xi­cas­ "Ya somos más amigos de Thomann. ¡Los productos han llegado muy bien y ya soy musicalmente mas feliz!"

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    storm­ "Muchas gracias por el gran servicio tan rápido,eficiente y sin ningún inconveniente,ha llegado el pedido en perfecto estado"

Los grandes consejeros Online de Thomann: Cables, Leads & Connectors

Cable... flex... lead... wire... what do all these terms mean?

Welcome to our Lead, Cable and Connector Online Advisor.

With the bewildering array of lead, cable and connector types available for use in typical audio setups, close attention must be paid to various technical specifications and product type variations, in order to optimise overall system performance. Indeed, these crucial components of live and studio environments are often relegated to ‘low priority’ in terms of the time and care taken in their selection, and the budget allocated for their purchase – we hope the following pages will convince you that they deserve greater merit! Our Online Advisor extends to several pages - you can jump from section to section using the index below or the navigation at the bottom of each page.