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Online Guide Cymbals
Conclusion and Feedback


Each cymbal produces a unique sound. Today’s manufacturing processes guarantee lasting quality and consistency, yet subtle differences in sound will arise from differences in materials, design and manufacturing techniques.

An experienced drummer will have an idea of the sound he wants from his cymbals; beginners often have little or no idea of how cymbals should sound. Listening to a variety of cymbal types and models is the best way to find what you like. Manufacturers take care and pride in coordinating common tonal properties within each of their cymbal lines. If you find a cymbal you like, you may generally assume that the rest of the series will offer similar characteristics. Let your ears be your guide. A good dealer will have many different makes and models of cymbals available to test. Bringing a friend to help play the cymbal while you listen at a distance can help you get an objective idea of how it will sound to your audience. We hope this guide has opened your eyes and ears to some things to look and listen for while cymbal shopping.

We would love to hear how useful this guide has been to you and how we could improve on it. Should you have questions concerning a product, please drop a message to our expert consultant at our Drum Department.

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