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Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Pro Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro - digital mastering processor with 4 selectable EQ modules (31-band graphic EQ, 10-band parametric EQ, feedback destroyer and three dynamic EQs per channel). 61 band RTA that can run simultaneously with the EQ section, 24bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters and...
Info  277 €
2.065,53 DKK
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the t.racks DS 2/4 the t.racks DS 2/4 - digital speaker management system, 2x input, 4x output (2x2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 2-way sub), 3x 24bit 48kHz, DSP, frequency range 20-20,000Hz, 5 band parametric EQ, alignment delay up to 7 ms / 2,404m, output gain and phase, RS232 connection, includes PC software, adjustable...
Info  169 €
1.260,19 DKK
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Black Lion Audio AM/CHA1 EQ Black Lion Audio AM/CHA1 EQ, 2-channel inductor based EQ, 4 band, fully adjustable boost/cut with variable Q, fully transformer coupled input and output, Low boost/cut: 65Hz, 115Hz, 290Hz, Q variable from 0.2 to 1.5, Selectable peak or shelf for low and high frequencies, Inputs: 2 x 1/4" TRS...
Info  939 €
7.001,91 DKK
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TC Electronic Finalizer 96K TC Electronic FinalizerR 96K Studio Mastering Processor, Gain Maximizer, 96KHz 24bit A/D-D/A, Multiband Compressor / Expander 3-band Spectral Stereo Image and un-correlated Dithering, Format conversion AES/EBU, S/PDIF and Tos-link, enter and exit at any Sample Rate e.g. 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and...
Info  1.145 €
8.538 DKK
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Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Bundle Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Bundle contains: Cordial CAM 9 BK, Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra-Curve Pro, Superlux ECM999
Info  319 €
2.378,71 DKK
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Tonelux The Equalux Tonelux The Equalux, 2-Channel prametric EQ, 4 bands, Discrete Design, Bypass for each Channel, Inputs: XLR and 1/4" TR, Outputs: XLR, build-in Power Supply, Housing: 19" 1U
Info  1.222 €
9.112,17 DKK
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API Audio 5500 Dual Equalizer API 5500 Dual Equalizer - classic 550B equalizer design, 2 individual range switches, useable as a 550B/550D/550M, peak/shelf switch on hi & lo bands, true hardwire bypass, balanced in & out (XLR), unbalanced input (1/4" jack), EQ in/out switch.
Info  2.899 €
21.617,18 DKK
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Dangerous Music BAX EQ Dangerous Music BAX EQ, 2 channel Hi-Fidelity Tone Control Equalizer, Stepped Controls Throughout for Accuracy and Repeatability, Broad Q Shelving for a Natural, Open Character, 7-position High Pass and Low Pass Filters on Relays for Phase Coherency, 8-position High and Low Frequency Select,...
Info  2.499 €
18.634,47 DKK
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Avalon VT-747SP Black Avalon VT-747SP Black, tube stereo spectral-opto-compressor, six band program EQ, parametric side-chain LF-HF equalizer for spectral control, 60dB output meters, balanced in/out. Dimensions: 19" x 2U, color: black
Info  2.222 €
16.568,94 DKK
Leveres sandsynligvis den 18.08.2014
JoeMeek meQ JoeMeek meQ Meequalizer, 1-Channel Equalizer 500 Series Module, Frequency- and +/- 15 dB Switch for HF, HM, LM and LF, Bell-Button for HF and LF, Hi-Q Button for HM and LM, Peak-LED, Frequency Range: 1.2 kHz - 20 kHz HF, 0.6 kHz - 10 kHz HM, 120 Hz - 2 kHz LM, 40 Hz - 650 Hz LF.
Info  285 €
2.125,18 DKK
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KuSh Audio Electra KuSh Audio Electra, 2 Channel EQ, 5 bands per channel, Hi Shelf: Sweepable 3.8kHz - 20kHz, Hi Mid: Proportional Q, Sweepable 250Hz - 5.4kHz, Lo Mid: Proportional Q, Sweepable 30Hz - 730Hz, Lo Shelf: Fixed 350Hz, Hi Pass: 12dB/Octave Butterworth, Class A amplifiers, DC Coupled signal path,...
Info  1.890 €
14.093,30 DKK
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SPL Qure Premium 9738-P SPL Qure "Premium" 2-channel 3-Band EQ variable input (-12dB bis +18dB) and output (-7dB bis +4dB), dimensions: 19" 2U
Info  1.759 €
13.116,46 DKK
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AMS Neve 8803 Stereoequalizer AMS Neve 8803 – revered equalization circuitry derived from classic 8801 design and the flagship 88RS analogue console. +/-20dB input trim, high pass filter (25Hz-300Hz @ 12dB per octave), low pass filter (3kHz-15kHz @ 12dB per octave). High EQ (1.5k to 18kHz with selectable shelving/bell and...
Info  1.799 €
13.414,73 DKK
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Elysia xfilter Elysia xfilter, Stereo equalizer, 100% class-A topology, true stereo operation, high and low shelf filters, resonance high & low cut filters, two parametric mids with switchable Q, additional passive high-band, all stepped potentiometers (computer-selected), special low tolerance capacitors,...
Info  1.190 €
8.873,56 DKK
Leveres sandsynligvis den 15.09.2014
Rolls RPQ 160b B-Stock B-Stock, Rolls RPQ 160b Parametric EQ, 4 Band parametricEqualiser, +/- 15dB filter cut and boost for each filter group and Q filter, XLR, Klinke and RCA In and Outputs, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
Info  294 €
2.192,29 DKK
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Avalon VT-747SP Silver Avalon VT-747SP Silver, tube stereo spectral-opto-compressor, six band program EQ, parametric side-chain LF-HF equalizer for spectral control, 60dB output meters, balanced in/out. Dimensions: 19" x 2U, color: silver
Info  2.222 €
16.568,94 DKK
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SSL X-Rack E-Series EQ Solid State Logic X-Rack E-Series EQ Module - for X-Rack/Mynx, channel EQ from the legendary SSL 4000E console.
Info  777 €
5.793,91 DKK
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Golden Age Project EQ-73 Golden Age Project EQ-73, 1 Channel EQ, Vintage Style electronics. No intergrated circuits in the signal path, 3-band with a dual inductor based mid frequency band, Stepped frequency selection, A wide selection of frequencies from 20 Hz to 24 kHz, Vontrol range up to +/- 18 dB, Separate Bypass...
Info  241 €
1.797,08 DKK
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AMS Neve 1073LBEQ Module 500er API AMS Neve 1073LBEQ, mono EQ with 500er Series API format, 3 band EQ in legendary Classic 1073 design, signal presence LED illuminates green from a level of -25dB and red from a level of +24dB, bypass switch, electronically bal. in/outs, audioprocessing insert design allows the audio to/from...
Info  1.222 €
9.112,17 DKK
Leveres sandsynligvis den 11.08.2014
Golden Age Project EQ-81 Golden Age Project EQ-81, 4-band EQ based on the EQ Section of the classical 1081, Frequency Range: 33 Hz - 15 kHz, Control Range up to +/- 18 dB, "Off" Mode for each Band, Tantalum capacitors in the signal path, Connections: 1/4" TR I/O, incl. external Power Supply, Dimensions: 9,5" / 1 HE....
Info  299 €
2.229,57 DKK
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Great River 32EQ Great River 32EQ, Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, and High EQ bands with Gain and Frequency controls, Low and High Band "peaking" switches, EQ in/out switch, Harrison's renowned High- and Low-pass filters with sweepable frequency, Filter in/out switch, An Internal jumper provides selection of the...
Info  865 €
6.450,11 DKK
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SPL PassEQ SPL PASSEQ 2595 passive mastering EQ, 72 passive filters, 120-V-OPamps (SUPRA-OPs), 3 band filters, cut- and boost with 12 switchable frequencies for each channel, LF shelfing (CUT/BOOST), HF band with variable bandwith, 19" 4U
Info  2.799 €
20.871,50 DKK
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Speck Electronics ASC-V B-Stock B-Stock, Speck Electronics ASC-V, parametric 1-channel 4 Band equalizer, Frequency Response: 2Hz-135kHz (+0/-3dB), THD+n: .0014% @ +24 dBu, Residual Noise: -102dBu (22Hz-22kHz), Maximum Input/Output Level: +28dBu /+28dBu, Input Impedance: 30K Ohms (Balanced), 15K Ohms (Unbalanced), Output...
Info  499 €
3.720,93 DKK
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AMS Neve 8801 Channel Strip AMS Neve 8801 Channel Strip - from the revered 88RS console, 1U rackmount, hand-built and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, England, genuine Neve mic pre-amp with high and low-pass filters, 4-band EQ with highly musical, full-range sound, transformer balanced output (exclusive Neve design),...
Info  2.490 €
18.567,36 DKK
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Rolls RPQ 160b Rolls RPQ 160b Parametric EQ, 4 Band parametricEqualiser, +/- 15dB filter cut and boost for each filter group and Q filter, XLR, Klinke and RCA In and Outputs
Info  375 €
2.796,29 DKK
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