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DJs & EQ


Historically, DJ mixers offered only fairly basic treble, mid and
BassThe lowest part of the audio frequency range; in popular music, a (generally) rhythmic, low frequency melodic line emphasising the root notes of the chord progression.
fixed frequency EQ for simple tonal adjustments. These days, each band will often feature ‘kill’ EQ that almost completely attenuates the frequency range in question, and is usually used to drop out (for example) the treble element of a stereo mix by turning the pot hard left tand then gradually returning to the centre as the music builds to a climax. Some DJ mixers also now come with both full parametric EQ and synthesizer-type low-pass resonant
FilterA circuit used to remove or accentuate frequencies in a sound source. Common types are found on mixing consoles equalisation, synthesizers and dedicated processors such as graphic equalisers.
to give DJs the ability of performing much more sophisticated ‘on the fly’ processing.


Typical DJ-Clubmixer Pioneer DJM 600


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