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Har handlet hos jer nogle gange og der er altid styr på det hele. God service, gode priser og hurtig levering.

Martin den 04.05.2012

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Mixers really do come in a
VASTVariable Architecture Synthesis Technology: the technology behind Kurzweil's 'K' series samplers, which applied the principles of modular synthesis to digital sample manipulation.
array of configurations, and vary a great deal in quality. Care should be taken when selecting the correct
ConsoleA device through which audio signals are routed for mixing, monitoring, processing and re-routed for either recording, amplification or both. A console contains a number of channel strips and a selection of auxiliary, monitoring and main outputs.
for your requirements, and some foresight is required to take into consideration any future needs. We hope this Online Advisor has helped your understanding of mixers and their associated terminology, and left you feeling confident about your next purchase.

We would love to hear how useful this guide has been to you and how we could improve on it. Should you have questions concerning a product, please drop a message to our expert consultant at our PA- or our Studio- Department.

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