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Bugera V55HD
Orange TH30H
Bugera 6262 Infinium


Welcome to our Guitar Amp Heads Online Advisor.

Though combo amps are highly convenient in many respects, and recent developments in the digital domain have attracted a great deal of interest, the stack - the combination of a separate amplifier or ‘head’, and speaker cabinet or ‘cab’ - remains a vital tool for most serious players. Though transistor-based guitar heads do exist, the market remains dominated by the valve technology that has played such a crucial role in shaping the rock guitar sounds of the past forty years.

Our Online Advisor extends over several pages – you can jump from section to section using the index below or the navigation at the bottom of each page.





Transistors vs Valves Today

Valve Amp Basics

Stack or Combo?

Cabinet Types


Conclusion and Feedback


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