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Yamaha FlötenTöne 1 Yamaha FlötenTöne 1, Yamaha SchulMusik, FlötenTöne Band 1: Method for recorder, For recorders in C and F tuning, Student's book, Concept: Music theory,ear training and music history with "sounding" examples, First songs with just one or two tunes, 42 song in mono- and polyphonic arrangements,...
info  19,90 € Available immediately
Yamaha Music Stand for CP33 / CP300 Yamaha note stand for CP4 / CP40 / CP33 / CP300 / CP5 / CP50, Art-Nbr. VZ 8845-01
info  59 € shipment due to arrive on 14.08.2014
Yamaha Tyros 4 Video DVD Yamaha Tyros 4 Video DVD - Learn all the new functions of the Tyros 4, such as the brand new drum mixer, the technology of Wave Cycling or Vocal Harmony 2. Includes data segment with Tyros 4 registration banks, the complete script (PDF) and background graphics to load directly in your personal...
info  29 € Available immediately
Yamaha Tyros 4 Video DVD Teil 2 Yamaha Tyros 4 DVD Part 2, step by step - the secrets of the PROs, 155 min tutorial video - English/German/Dutch, extensive data part: 20 registration banks for Tyros 4, MIDI-Files, audio samples, score examples (PDF), music finder libraries, system-midifiles (audiostarter, display reader),...
info  29 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Yamaha FlötenTöne 2 Yamaha FlötenTöne 2, Yamaha SchulMusik, FlötenTöne Band 2: Method for recorder, For recorders in C and F tuning, Student`s book, Contents: Training of playing techniques of the right hand, Advanced insight in playing the recorder in F tuning, Playing in ensemble, Well-known melodies from...
info  19,90 € Available shortly (2-5 days)
Yamaha Tyros 3 Video DVD Teil 2 Yamaha Tyros 3 Video DVD Part 2 - contents include tips from experts, detailed registrations, more fun with multi-pads, step by step sampling, the compressor, the microphone, the voice creator - programming of sounds, the foot controller MFC-10, programming of styles, the new Guitar-NTT....
info  29 € Available immediately
Yamaha Midi-Files Schritt für Schritt Yamaha Midifiles Schritt for Schritt "Addendum", tutorials for midifiles, change and optimization of midifiles, change midifiles directly on the instrument, description of formats XG,GM,SMF,GS etc, special for Tyros 1,2,3, midifile revoicing, lyrics and text file, pitch correction, change...
info  27 € Available immediately
Yamaha Tyros 3 Video DVD Teil 1 Yamaha Tyros 3 Video DVD No. 1 - a step-by-step guide to the Tyros 3: super articulation sounds, sampler, digital recording, USB, registrations, playing with styles, multi pads, drawbar organ, sliders, microphone techniques, file utility, song-style remix, voice editor, music finder, vocal...
info  29 € Available immediately

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