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Sonor Rubber Strap ALS1 Sonor Rubberstrap, for all resonators
info  3,11 € Available immediately
Sonor ZR1 for BSX 300 Concert Sonor Haltezapfen (Sound Bar Holder) for BSX 300, 2 piece
info  4,55 € on request
Sonor ZG1 Holders for NG and GP Sonor ZG1 Holders - for all NG and GP models: NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31, set of 10.
info  3,11 € Available immediately
Sonor ZS1 Holder Xylo/Metallo Sonor Holder ZS1 for all xylphones and metallophones with box resonator, Colour: black, 10 pice,
info  5,70 € Available immediately
Sonor ZKS40 N Holder for KS40, KSP Sonor Holders ZKS 40 for KS 40, KSP 40, KSP40 M and KSP40X Models, Colour: white, unit: 2 piece pack
info  3,44 € Available immediately
Sonor Sound Bar Holder ZKS50 Sonor Sound Bar Holder ZKS50 for KS 50, KSP 50, Colour: black, 1 unit,
info  1,09 € Available immediately
Sonor ZKS30 N Holder for KS30, KSP Sonor Holders ZKS 30 N for KS 30, KSP 30, KSP30 M and KSP30X Models, Colour: white, unit: 2 piece pack
info  3,25 € Available immediately
Sonor ZB2 for SG, GS, BWG Sonor Sound bar holder ZB2 for SG, GS, BWG, two stripes incl. felt
info  3,66 € shipment due to arrive on 06.08.2014
Sonor ZKS50 Holder for KS50 Sonor Sound Bar Holder for KS 50, KSP 50, KSP 50 M & X, Colour: black, 2 unit
info  8,20 € Available immediately
Sonor ZG2 Holder for TAG/SG Sonor Holders for TAG/SG Models, Colour: Black, unit: 10 piece pack, Holders for TAG 13, TAG 19, TAG 25, SG 13, SG 19, SG 25,
info  3,11 € Available immediately
Sonor ZKS400 Holder for KS 400 Sonor Holders for KS 400 Models, Colour: Black, unit: 2 piece pack
info  13,50 € Available immediately

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