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Miscellaneous Vacuum Tubes

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Electro Harmonix 6V6GT Electro Harmonix 6V6GT - power valve.
info  18,90 € Available immediately
Mesa Boogie Tube SPAX 12AX7 Mesa Boogie 12 AX7//SPAX7A - pre-amp input tube with magnetic shield (may be removed in no case!)
info  28 € Available immediately
Tung-Sol NN099-G Tube 12AX7/ECC803S Tung-Sol tube 12AX7/ECC803S - gold pins, re-issue of vintage classic
info  24,80 € Available immediately
TAD RT 886 Tubes 6550A-STR TAD RT 886 Tubes 6550A-STR, sextett, power amp valve, premium matched, reinforced and very pure anoden material, remake of the classic GE 6550A-valve
info  258 € Available immediately
TAD RT002 Tube 12AT7/ECC81 TAD RT002 Tube 12AT7/ECC81 - excellent reverb tone for Fender amps, powerful phase driver tube.
info  14,90 € Available immediately
Electro Harmonix 12AY7 Tube Electro Harmonix 12AY7 Tube, valve, 6072A/12AY7 EH, vintage tone, for original Fender Tweed amps
info  15,90 € Available immediately
Mesa Boogie 5U4GB Mesa Boogie 5U4GB - rectifier valve.
info  35 € Available immediately
Sovtek Tube 12AT7 Sovtek Tube 12AT7, electron tube (may possibly be supplied electro harmonix)
info  14,80 € Available immediately
TAD RT005 Tube 12AU7 TAD RT005 12AU7A/ECC82 Valve - ECC82 type valve for the best tone in Hi-Fi applications, complex tone and very quiet with great balance.
info  14,80 € Available immediately
Groove Tubes 12AY7 Groove Tubes 12AY7 Preamp Tube, lo gain tube, lo noise
info  22,80 € Available immediately
Sovtek Tube KT 88 Sovtek KT 88 Powertube - high gain and punch, especially at low input levels.
info  29 € Available immediately
TAD RT501 GZ34 Tube TAD RT501 GZ34 Tube - a remake of the classic Valvo/Mullard GZ 34 rectifier valve, high power, upgrades 5U4GB.
info  17,90 € Available immediately
TAD 6V6 S JJ DUO Tube TAD 6V6 S JJ DUO Tube cleane 6V6 variant with distortion using very late, Prima for loud Clean sounds, Attention overall height of 79mm consider, Matched 2 pcs. Set
info  34 € Available immediately
TAD RT832 Tube 6V6GTB-STR Duett TAD RT832 Röhre 6V6GTB-STR, Paar, tight bass, NOS typical "Sweet Top End", perfect for all Singe Ended Class A amps like Fender Tweed, Fender Champ or Univalve
info  38 € Available immediately
Electro Harmonix NN065 Tube 12AU7 EH Electro Harmonix NN065 Tube 12AU7 EH, tube, Russia, strong and powerful, very quiet
info  11,90 € Available immediately
Groove Tubes ECC83S Groove Tubes ECC83S Tube - medium gain preamp tube. Pronounced bass, harmonic gain.
info  22,80 € Available immediately
Sovtek Tube 5881 Sovtek 5881 Amp - Tube, Long life span
info  13,80 € Available immediately
TAD RT043 Tube 12BH7A STR TAD RT043 Röhre 12BH7A; combines the best sonic and mechanic performance of the NOS RCA black plate with the GE version. A maximum of reliability with outrageous tonal quality makes a new balance selected tube the first choice for Ampeg SVT´s, the Blackstar HT-5 and high- end applications
info  18,90 € Available immediately
Groove Tubes 12AT7 Groove Tubes 12AT7 Preamp Tube, Phase reversal tube in US amps
info  17,90 € Available immediately
Bugera 6550B-2 Bugera 6550B-2, matched, 2 tubes
info  48 € Available immediately
Sovtek Tube 6550 WE Sovtek 6550WE Power Valve - high mid-range punch, high power, not matched, no matching possible!
info  26 € Available immediately
Bugera 6550B Bugera 6550 B, power tube
info  24,80 € Available immediately
TAD RT030 Tube ECC83 HG7025 TAD RT030 Röhre 7025/E83 Highgrade, premium selected quality for the most demanding amp stages. Great warm clean tones, punchy mids and fat overdrive with smooth top end. Recommended for 1st gain stage.
info  18,90 € Available immediately
Mesa Boogie Tube 5U4G Mesa Boogie 5U4G rectifier tube
info  30 € Available immediately
Groove Tubes 12AX7R Groove Tubes 12AX7R Preamp Tube, low to medium gain, brilliant, aggressive basic sound
info  22,80 € Available immediately
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