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Audio Cables

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the sssnake SM6BK the sssnake SM6BK, 6m microphone cable - XLR male-female, Black. Length: 6m
info  4,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake SM10 BK the sssnake SM10BK Microphone cable, XLR male-XLR female, Black, Length 10 m
info  6,50 € Available immediately
the sssnake IPP1030 the sssnake IPP1030, length 3m mono jack-jack cable 1/4" jack - 1/4" jack (formerly SK361-3)
info  2,49 € Available immediately
the sssnake IPP1060 the sssnake IPP1060 mono 1/4" jack - Mono 1/4" jack cable. Length: 6m, Black
info  3,44 € Available immediately
the sssnake PFP2050 the sssnake PFP 2050 headphone extension cable - 1/4" stereo TRS male to 1/4" stereo TRS female. Length: 16ft (5mtrs).
info  6,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake SK369M-15 Patchcable the sssnake SK369-15M mono patch cable - cable length: 5ft. 6 pack.
info  8,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake SK369S-06 Patchcable the sssnake SK369S-06 6x stereo 1/4" jack patch cable, Length: 0.6m. Pack with 6 cables
info  9,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CCI 3 PP Cordial CCI 3 PP instrument cable - 6.3mm to 6.3mm male jacks with Neutrik/Rean-Stecker connectors (REAN is a registered trademark of Neutrik AG). Handmade with gold plated connectors and metal housing. Cable length: 3mtrs.
info  6,40 € Available immediately
the sssnake SK369S-15 Patchcable the sssnake SK369S-15 stereo patch cables - 1/4" stereo TRS to 1/4" stereo TRS. Cable length: 5ft. Six pack.
info  11,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CCI 6 PP Cordial CCI 6 PP, instrument cable, 1/4" mm jack to 1/4" jack, 1x 0,20mm˛; with Neutrik/Rean-Stecker (REAN is a registerd trademark of Neutrik AG), hand made with gold plated connectors. Cable length: 6mtrs.
info  8,60 € Available immediately
the sssnake FXP1009 the sssnake FXP1009 audio cable - XLR female to 1/4" TRS jack, unbalanced. Cable length: 3ft.
info  3,22 € Available immediately
the sssnake SPP2050 the sssnake SPP 2050 stereo cable - 1/4" stereo TRS to 1/4" stereo TRS. Cable length: 16ft.
info  4,88 € Available immediately
the sssnake SK369S-09 Patchcable the sssnake SK369S-09, 6x stereo jack-jack patch cable, Length 90 cm, 6-pack.
info  10,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake GKP6 the sssnake GKP6 professional instrument cable - jack to jack. Cable length: 6m.
info  6,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake MXP1015 the sssnake MXP1015 audio cable - XLR male to 1/4" TRS jack (unbalanced). Cable length: 1,5m.
info  3,66 € Available immediately
the sssnake SK369S-03 Patchcable the sssnake SK369S-03 patch cable, 6x stereo 1/4" jack patch cable, Cable length: 0.3m.
info  8,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake SPP2030 the sssnake SPP 2030 stereo cable - 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS stereo jack. Cable length: 10ft.
info  3,88 € Available immediately
the sssnake YRK2015 the sssnake YRK 2015 'Y' audio cable - 3.5mm stereo TRS to 2x RCA. Cable length: 5ft.
info  2,39 € Available immediately
pro snake Patch Angled Jack 0,30 m pro snake Patch Cable - professional jack to jack patch cable with angled metal jack connections. Suitable for guitar pedalboards. Colour: Black. Cable length: 30cm.
info  2,88 € Available immediately
Cordial CAM 9 BK Cordial CAM 9 black, professional microphone cable - 9m, original Neutrik NC 3 FXX-BAG + NC 3 MXX-BAG XLR connectors, CME 220 Black cable, black, includes Thomann Velcro cable tie. Special Thomann 50th anniversary edition
info  12,90 € Available immediately
Cordial CTM 5 MP-BK Cordial CTM 5 MP-BK - professional 5m mic cable, male XLR->jack, Neutrik connectors, black.
info  13,90 € Available immediately
the sssnake YRK2030 the sssnake YRK 2030 Y cable - 3.5mm stereo TRS mini-jack to 2x RCA. Suitable for PC soundcard, ring is red marked, cable length: 3m
info  2,88 € Available immediately
the sssnake YPK2030 the sssnake YPK 2030 "Y" audio cable for PC soundcard connection - stereo mini-jack to 2x jack. Length: 10ft
info  3,88 € Available immediately
Cordial CAM 6 BK Cordial CAM 6 black, professional microphone cable, original Neutrik NC 3 FXX-BAG + NC 3 MXX-BAG XLR connectors, CME 220 Black cable, including Thomann Velcro cable tie. Length: 6m. Colour: Black
info  10,80 € Available immediately
the sssnake MXP1009 the sssnake MXP1009 audio cable - XLR male to 1/4" TRS unbalanced. Cable length: 3ft.
info  3,22 € Available immediately
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